Family Easter Bunny Egg hunt in Norway

Hunting Easter Bunny Eggs outdoors is a long standing tradition in my family. I won’t declare it a typical Norwegian habit as I guess it more likely comes from Germany. Never the less, this has been the highlight of spring for as long as I can remember. Since it matches the theme of my blog, I will gladly give you an insight, so let me start with some pics to set the mood (click all pics to bigify and enjoy):
Family Easter Bunny Egg hunt in Norway #1 Family Easter Bunny Egg hunt in Norway #3
Left: Eggs “hidden” in the woods – Right: The adventure of the hunt

I will show you more of how we make the most adventurous cookout every Easter Sunday. Only first I want us to learn something from my posts – so I have done some research and here is a summery:

The Easter Bunny roots:
Like the origin of Easter which has its roots that go back to pre-Christian, Anglo-Saxon history. The holiday was originally a pagan celebration that worshipped the goddess Eastre. She was the goddess of fertility and springtime and her earthly symbol was the rabbit. In pagan times, the “Easter hare” was no ordinary animal, but a sacred companion of the old goddess of spring. The Easter bunny has its origin in pre-Christian fertility lore. The Hare and the Rabbit were the most fertile animals known and they served as symbols of the new life during the spring season.

The Easter Bunny folklore:
Feeling guilty about arriving late one spring, the Goddess Ostara saved the life of a poor bird whose wings had been frozen by the snow. She made him her pet and filled with compassion for him since he could no longer fly, she turned him into a snow hare and gave him the gift of being able to run with incredible speed so he could protect himself from hunters. In remembrance of his earlier form as a bird, she also gave him the ability to lay eggs – in all the colours of the rainbow – but only on one day out of each year. The eggs should be given to the children attending the Ostara festivals that were held each spring. The tradition of the Easter Bunny Eggs hunt had begun:

Outdoors family Bunny Egg Hunt:
So with this as a background, let me share my family’s way of doing it. We love to be out in the woods where the bunnies live (and at Easter lay their eggs), so the hunt must take place there – in all weather, snow or cold! You know my saying: there is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes!
Easter Egg Hunt in Norway #1
So walking into the woods, without the children taking notice, an adult runs ahead and hides the eggs, usually with the excuse that he (often my father) would like to start the bonfire. When the rest of the gang arrives he announces that he has seen signs of the Easter Bunny, which he was especially big this year and made a lot of noise hopping here and there and everywhere hiding his eggs.
So the hunt begins – here are some more photos from different years in different weather conditions:
Hunt Easter Bunny Eggs in Norwegian Woods #7 Hunt Easter Bunny Eggs in Norwegian Woods #4
Snow and cold does not matter – spring is in the air :-)
Easter Egg Hunt in Norway #5 Family Easter Bunny Egg hunt in Norway #4

Hot dogs in branch bread:
In resent years my sister has made dough called ‘pinnebrød’ (branch bread) which you can roll around the stick or around the sausage stuck on the branch. Then we all sit around the bonfire, enjoying the catch of the hunt and some hotdogs – and of course our company. Again, here are some example photos from the latest years:
Family Easter Bunny Egg hunt in Norway #6 Family Easter Bunny Egg hunt in Norway #8

There is of course other (Norwegian) ways to eat your hotdog too; in lompe:
Hunt Easter Bunny Eggs in Norwegian Woods #8

We are soon on our way to my home town to meet my parents and sisters family for this adventurous tradition. When I post this in advance this year, it is to give you all the chance to have fun the same way. Have you tried? Or would you like too? Tell me what you think in comments please!

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