Bucharest People or Parliament Palace in Romania

Romanian Parliament Palace, formerly the People’s Palace, built by Communist Party leader Nicolae Ceausescu, in Bucharest is colossal. After the Pentagon, its the second largest administrative building in the world; surface area of 330,000 square metres – volume of 2,550,000 cubic metres. It took 20,000 Bucharest – Parliament Palace workers and 700 architects to build the palace, which was overthrown in 1989. The palace boasts 12 stories, 1,100 rooms, a 328-ft-long lobby and four underground levels, including an enormous nuclear bunker:
Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #1

A close up from the backside of the Palace.

Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #4

Inside at the main entrance.

While in Bucharest last week, my wife and I had an hour long guided tour which took us through a small section of dazzling rooms, huge halls and quarters used by the Senate. The interior is a luxurious display of crystal chandeliers, mosaics, oak panelling, marble, gold leaf, stained-glass windows and floors covered in rich carpets. As always, I gladly take you with and share some of my pics (click to bigfy and enjoy!):
Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #9 Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #10

Some of the chandeliers have as many as 7,000 light bulbs

Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #5 Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #8

Our guides where very knowledgeable and made sure the tour kept a good pace but still made sure there was enough time for photograph taking:
Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #7

The commentary is neutral in content; there is little reference to the reasons the Palace was built or to the engineering of this bizarre building. Instead it was a comprehensive list of the materials used, the skills of the craftspeople and the statistics that make this building quite unique:
Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #6

The highlight for me was walking out onto the enormous balcony that overlooks Ceausescu’s attempt at recreating the Champs Elysee or “the Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism” as it was planned to be called. It is 3.2 kilometres long – that’s 6 metres longer than the Champs Elysees! Its right from this balcony the story says that when Michael Jackson stood here and addressed the thousands of fans below he proclaimed “Hello Budapest, I’m so glad to be here” (oops!).
Bucharest Palace of Parliament in Romania #2

Our visit to Bucharest was fascinating and we learned a lot about the culture, politics, and history of Romania. We met lots of nice Romanian people as well, that was possibly what impressed us most of all. This is the third post about our trip in Romania – here is the other two:
About our culinary adventure and Bucharest in Romania a city of architectural contrast.

So stay tuned to learn about the history, and the answer to why the country is called Romania!

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  1. Wow, that’s one huge palace. I’d love to tour that. I just came from Diane’s blog were I drooled all over that delicious salad. Yummy.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. :)

  2. Very beautiful ornaments and architectural. People say if wanting to see the native europe culture, just come to eastern europe.

  3. Again, amazing pictures.

    I work on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and you know I have a fondness for Parliament and other places of political power! This one looks amazing. The indoors picture are particularly impressive.

  4. Haven’t I commented yet? Sorry dear, but you have link love at least. I have to admit that while the Romanian people should get credit for their hard work and archetecture that this building seems just so huge and extremely expensive in building that I have mixed feelings for it. I understand though that the tour was worth while and you have to be impressed by the workers efforts.

  5. Wow, impressing. I find eastern European architecture, especially the political buildings to be very imposing by design.

  6. Hey Renny,

    Gorgeous palace! The pics look amazing!
    Romania is a beautiful country, with a musical language (it sounds like Italian) and one of the most recent EU “acquisitions”. They have a lot of social issues to solve (they have children living underground, in the sewage system); however I wish them all the best!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. I’m just amazed by the beauty of those buildings…….mind-blowing! Ofcourse credit goes to the photographer too :)
    Looks like a beautiful country!

  8. I know several Rumanian intellectuals – they hated what this man did to his country. Things like this is what happens when too few people get to much power, regardless of ideology or theology.

  9. A very opulent palace but somehow soulless. The vista does resemble the Champs Elysée in some ways, but there is something lacking, and I think it’s elegance.

    It’s hard to think of the effort and money that went into the palace when many people were in so much need.

  10. Wow! They sure know how to build palaces… simply magnifique! Gorgeous architecture.

    (…and even a nuclear bunker! Impressive)

    So you were allowed to take photos too! That often is my biggest problem: they very often not allows it in historical buildings!

  11. The Palace of Parliament – known as People’s Palace (“Casa Poporului”) – the world’s second largest office building (this is perhaps the main tourist attraction – it was built during communism…

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