Spring flowers in gardens and beaches of Norway

Blogging about Norway, our significant four seasons, culture and traditions now calls for a post about spring. After a relatively cold and snowy winter, nature is slowly waking up from hibernation and both nature and people get livelier. Of course the return of the sun helps as well: From 6 hour’s daylight in mid December to 15 hours now in Oslo helps to bring out the spring feeling and we get light more day by day: 18 hour’s in mid June.

We’ve had the loveliest sunny weather this weekend and to give you the proof of the pudding, my wife and I had a photo hunt in our garden and on our favourite spring beach. Let’s start with our garden and some examples of spring flowers in the south east part of Norway:
Norway garden spring flowers #1

Let’s take a closer look at some typical from our area in southern Norway (click to bigify and enjoy):
Norway garden spring flowers #6 Norway garden spring flowers #4
Left: daffodils – Right: Crocus
Norway garden spring flowers #8 Norway garden spring flowers #3
Left: Scillia in front – Right: Primrose
Other typical garden flowers in Norway are tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, snow drops, and Lily of the valley.

Wild flowers at the Spring Beach:
Like I said we were on a photo hunt and went to our favourite beach where we know we’ll meet real spring and nature just out of hibernation:
Norway wild spring flowers #1

I hope you are able to spot the ground almost totally covered by Anemone hepatica (common names: Kidneywort, liverwort, pennywort, Common Hepatica – in Norwegian: Blåveis). Let’s take a closer look:
Norway wild spring flowers #3

Some weeks later, this is the white flower bed that will meet us when we again visit this lovely beach just 25 minutes by public transportation out of Oslo city:
Norway wild spring flowers #5
Anemone nemorosa also in the family Ranunculaceae. Common names: wood anemone, windflower, thimbleweed and smell fox or in Norway: Hvitveis. (Photo shot with my Nokia two years ago).

There are others who are happy for the spring flowers too – guess you’re familiar with the story about the birds and the bees? ;-) This little guy was so fat the flower almost couldn’t hold him:
Norway wild spring flowers #4

Not only the birds and the bees are happy for spring, warmer and sunny weather (around 15C – 60F). In this delightful, crisp, fresh air, people start thinking of beach life and tanning too of course (click to bigify and enjoy):
Norway wild spring flowers #6 Norway wild spring flowers #8
A bit early for bikinis yet, but if you dress right, still enjoyable.
Norway wild spring flowers #9 Norway wild spring flowers #7

So by this I declare spring seasons have started in Oslo, the south east of Norway. I hope you got some spring spirit from this too. To get even more of the spirit, you might like to check my wife DianeCA’s post too. It would be interesting to read if some of these spring flowers are to be found in you’re part of the world too!