Don McLean singing American Pie in Oslo Norway

Don McLean’s American Pie and Vincent (Starry Starry Night) was heard last Wednesday at a concert in Oslo, Norway. The plain crash in 1959 where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Boppers died gave inspiration for the first song and Madonna’s version has made it popular for a whole new generation – of which McLean has said: “I have received many gifts from God, but this is the first time I have received a gift from a Goddess”.

I was thrilled when my wife DianeCA found out about the concert some weeks ago and invited me to go – you’re welcome to join us on our date. Hopefully some of my photos (from a long distance and difficult lightening) can help to get you into the mood:
Don McLean American Pie in Oslo #1

If you don’t like the music, you’re lost – If you do, you’ll soon be obsessed when listening to this legend. In Oslo he gave a concert for almost two hours, performing only with his guitar and finishing with a fine presentation of his banjo (click the two pics to bigify & enjoy!):
Don McLean American Pie in Oslo #2 Don McLean American Pie in Oslo #3

American Pie Live in Oslo:
Don McLean has performed over 3500 concerts worldwide and sung for a million people in Central Park in New York. Along with The Rolling Stones, he also holds the record crowd in Hyde Park in London. He was the first pop singer who could sing in the opera house in Sydney, Australia. At every concert, he sang “American Pie”, “Vincent”, “Crying” and the full range of his many hits. So he did in Oslo too and cast a spell on the audience:
Don McLean American Pie in Oslo #4
Again, bare with me the photo quality, but believe it was a magic moment.

I also shot a movie with my cam and if you turn up you’re speakers, you should be able to hear both McLean and after a while an enthusiastic audience too!

Like I said, my wife DianeCA was there too and you should hop over and read her version!

Don has now released some 25 studio and lives albums and several compilations. His last studio release came in the year and is titled “Addicted to Black”. I am going to by it – how about you? And do you know if you’re place is on the map of his world tour this time?

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  1. Hello Renny!
    I believe you, it must have been a magic moment.
    I like Don Mc Lean music very much.
    Me and Helena we listen to it often.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lucky you are!!! Must have been a such great moment!!!!
    Today I’ll hear his albums on deezer to discover him better !

  3. I much prefer the Don McLean version, but than I’m more of his generation. (but he doesn’t look as good as Madonna…)

  4. So many times in the news to we hear politicians and the news media saying well it could be worse and look at Oslo or several other countries. But what they fail to do is ACTUALLY look at their transportation systems.

  5. You were lucky to hear him live, my friends in Australia went to a James Taylor and Carole King concert, I am in the wrong country, lol

  6. American Pie has been one of my long time favorite songs. I have yet to be so lucky to hear him play it live, as I don’t live in an area that gets decent music near it. It looks as if it was an intimate environment, you are lucky to have been able to go this.

  7. Oh, lucky you!!!! That’s just awesome. And you just reminded me that it was a long time we found any concerts or other gigs to attend now… hm…

  8. Thank you, Renny, for sharing your pictures and thoughts of Don McLean and “American Pie.” Being from America and that era, I will never forget “the day the music died.”

    All the best – Maxi

  9. OMG, I wish I had know about the concert. I love Don McLean and love singing American Pie! All my Norwegian friends tease me when we are at parties, cause I always say ” Let’s sing some American songs” And of course it is always , how about American Pie..

    Now we have guitar hero at our house and guess what we sing!!!!.

    Must have been a great concert!

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