Salmon au Gratin a seafood delight from Norway

Norwegian fish, especially salmon is popular and shipped in large quantities to Russia, Europe, North America and Eastern Asia. Fish is Norway’s 3rd most important export after oil/gas and metals. Some reasons I guess is that Norwegian waters are of the least polluted in Europe, and the coast has numerous river systems that are full of with North Atlantic Salmon.
The best is to eat it yourself though and when my American wife DaneCA – who is and excellent chef – came into my life, she started to make the most delicious seafood dishes. Today we enjoyed one of them;
Salmon au Gratin from Norway #2

The recipe – Salmon Au Gratin:
No measurements but the dishes ingredients are 4 salmon fillets, tomatoes, onion, leek, carrot, celery root, white wine, mushrooms, cream, dill, a dash of garlic salt baked in the oven for 30 minutes – then topped with cheese and shrimp and browned for 10 more.

The serving is ready – DianeCA’s Salmon Delight with rice:
Salmon au Gratin from Norway #3

The dish with a glass of white wine – Bon appétit:
Salmon au Gratin from Norway #4

Fish Farming in Norway:
My initial info and remarks make Norway perfect country for farming Salmon too. Actually fish farming is Norway’s second largest industry, and provides jobs both within and outside of the country. Thus Salmon is the flag ship of the Norwegian fish farming Industry and may of course are prepared in numerous ways; You may eat it dried, as a snack, smoked, marinated, salted, cooked, fried or baked and can even make an excellent sushi! Recently Salmon Caviar is fast growing in popularity – some even think it’s better than Russian caviar.

So how about you; have you eaten any Norwegian salmon lately? If so, in what way – or do you wish to try some of my wife’s specialities?
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Get a taste yourself of Norwegian Salmon at the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010!

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  1. You know I am having Norwegian Haddock tonight for dinner. I get it all the time now and I love it! The best Haddock in the world! I am also serving roasted beets and baked potatoes!

  2. If my job at the Women’s Shelter should ever make me start to go insane (which is a real possibility) then maybe I can make a living like The Naked Chef…what do you think???

  3. Sorry I have to pick on your French – you are missing a letter, it’s “bon appétit”. Feel free to pick on my Norwegian :lol:

    The dish looks excellent. I’m definitely trying it, especially that we also have some great salmon in Canada! If Diane comes to read that, can she email me the detailed recipe (oven temp, etc.)?

    1. Dear Zhu! Thanks for picking on me – I know everything in French, but the language you know ;-)

      Diane doesn’t “do” recipes, but she’ll try :lol:

  4. Your salmon dish looks wonderful. The description serves as a simple recipe. When we have salmon I usually sear it in butter on both sides rather quickly then poach it in a little white wine. We almost always buy farm raised salmon because of cost. I think a lot of it comes from Chile.

  5. My hubby loves smoked salmon as well as grilled whereas my kids enjoyed the pan-fried salmon all the time :)

    I am not into smoked but do enjoyed salmon when hubby pan-fried for me too :)

    Perhaps I should show him this recipe and have a go at it sometime :)

  6. Your dinner looks delicious! Personally, I have big concerns with the farming of Atlantic salmon, including Norway’s industry, and since it’s nearly impossible to get wild salmon anymore, we’re not eating much salmon at all. We eat a lot of mackerel, a bit of seifillet, and mussels when they’re on sale.

  7. I love love the norvegian salmon!!! It’s a must!
    This is the right one for christmas fest!!! And not an other one!!!
    I am fan!!!

  8. Personally, I have big concerns with the farming of Atlantic salmon, including Norway’s industry, and since it’s nearly impossible to get wild salmon anymore, we’re not eating much salmon at all….

  9. Hey Renny,

    I love salmon!! And yes, Norwegian salmon is one of the best (although my mom says that the North American one is better). And your cod is also delicious.

    We, in Portugal, have a TV commercial of cod that goes like this: a gentleman is at the table eating Norwegian cod, he closes his eyes in delight and robbers come in his house and take everything. His buttler comes in and asks “Did you see it, Master?” and his master replies “Yes, it was from Norway” LOL…

    Have a fab weekend, my friend!

    PS: tell your wife that her dish looks deliciously tempting!

  10. I blame you now: I’m hungry after reading this and yet it should be 2 hours before I’ll make dinner…. Now I have to eat earlier!!! *giggles*

  11. I’m going to host a party and I’ve decided to serve only seafood. I’d like to know how much many Kg of variou seafood I should buy or just the ration of guest per kg of seafood.

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