Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin

The Russian Nikita Norkin’s exhibition of interpretation painting in Oslo, Norway, was art up close sensational to me. As my business life and networking often bring me in contact with very interesting people, my wife DianeCA and I was invited to the opening of an art exhibit by Gallery E966. The artist describes the exhibit as follows; The most important paintings in modern art exist in both private and public collections scattered throughout the world. This art makes a good attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable and presents a large collection of interesting interpretations of the world’s most renowned painters. Let me give you some example before I go on (click pics to bigify & enjoy):
Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #7 Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #2

Meeting Nikita was a fascinating experience, and through his curiosity and eagerness, I too became curious and learned more about his work, and the works which inspire him. This collection cuts across time and place by allowing inspiration not only by great Western European artists like Picasso, Degas and van Gogh, but also eastern and south American artists like Guayasamin, Kadinskij, and Goncharova. Art works which I was not familiar with before the exhibition.
Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #3 Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #1
In addition I received an extraordinary inside view of details which I myself never noticed in masterpieces I am familiar with such as Munch’s Scream and Madonna.

The exhibition presented more than 50 colourful interpretations painted in a naive style. It is important to understand that the works are not copies of well known paintings but rather a journey through the art process through Nikita’s eyes. He shares his interpretation and learning process with us by allowing himself to be inspired by his favourite pieces.

The collection fascinated me, and the artist fascinated me even more. It was interesting to get private guided tour from the artist himself and see his development as he tells about the process from the first painting to the last. The total collection represents a lot of work from the artist, and I admire his seemingly limitless imagination and originality. He is truly a brave soul, as he is able to dream large and colourful dreams, have high ambitions, and is not afraid to bring those dreams and ambitions into life.
Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #5 Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #9
Nikita is free like a mustang, able to run with his brushes across the open horizon and make it his own. He is a strong artistic soul, who seems almost a bit shy when you meet him, however if you are interested in his speciality he will open up and share his thoughts and artistic process with you. He gives me the impression of being both strong and vulnerable at the same time, and with a warm and easygoing personality as well.

The house in which the exhibition was held was truly a perfect match for this collection. This more than 100 years old pearl of a wooden home was donated to the Red Cross and now houses the local volunteer center:
Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #13

The atmosphere was relaxed, charming, and traditional complete with lovely old fashion furnishings and decoration. Located in a modern housing area on the western side of Oslo it stands out from its surroundings with its old fashioned charms and invites one to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban city life. The building was as unique as the collection within it:
Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #10 Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #11

Allow me also to introduce Nikita’s wife Svetlana, and tell you that this is one example of people you will meet as they will attend at the Oslo Blog Gathering in August. I have had contact with Svetlana for many years through my work with the Norwegian Computer Society as she is an IT professional who specializes in Knowledge Management.
Interpretation painting art of Nikita Norkin #12
All four of us at the exhibition.

She helps her husband by taking care of the organization and publicity of his artwork, leaving him to use his creative energies on his art. But she is not without her own artistic talent, as she enjoys both music and cooking. I can assure you they are both excellent chefs. I have been to a “Russian evening” at their home several years in a row, and always look forward to the experience.

If you would like to meet interesting people from all over the world, like Svetlana and Nikita then the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 is for you! You see it is not only meant to be an Oslo experience as it is a human experience where we will meet and be acquainted with interesting people from all over the world. If you have been inspired by Nikita’s art and would like to purchase a piece, please indicate in you’re comment to this post or join us at OsloBG and ask Nikita for one!