Norway Your Way at RennyBA’s TerellaVisitNorway gives a free 10 days trip to those who submit the best Norway inspired content. Yea, you read me right; you can get a trip to Norway and experience some of it’s attractions throughout the whole country for free! This information is pretty much exclusive to readers of my blog as the competition doesn’t even go live yet! So I’m giving you a heads-up to spend some time coming up with the best, weird and wonderful content – a great opportunity to show case your creative talents and see Norway like never before!

Norway Your Way – the competition:
Hot Tub by RennyBA on Flickr They are looking for creative people from 5 different markets (UK, Germany, Italy, France and Russia), to submit Norway inspired content, which could take the form of a; video, poem, picture or even a recipe – anything that has been inspired by Norway. The important thing to remember is; the content doesn’t necessarily have to be a video of Norway (although it could be) – it just needs to be something really creative that has been inspired by Norway. The more individual pieces one submits and the higher the quality, the more votes you will get and the higher the chance there is of winning of course!

The competition opens on the 7th of June, when you can start submitting. Once the content is uploaded, you will need to get your friends/family etc to vote for the best content – like a simple thumbs up thing. The competition runs for one month until the 6th of July and the winners will be announced around the 16th of July.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!
Oslo New Opera House by RennyBA on Flickr It’s a great opportunity for five lucky people to find out why Norway is one of the best countries in the World to visit. They will be picked (one from each market) to go on this tour of Norway for 10 days, undertake a number of activities, which could be anything from working with a local school, through to abseiling, sailing etc.
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone super creative and really passionate about travel and at the same time sharing their adventures in all kinds of Social Media!

Join VisitNorway right away: On TwitterOn FacebookTheir Home Page!

Why “Norway You Way” on RennyBA’s Terella?
As my regular readers know my blog is about Norway and its culture, traditions, habits and history. Therefore I was very excited when VisitNorway asked if I would help spread the word about this contest. I am happy to do anything which allows others to learn about and experience my homeland.

Oslo Blog Gathering by RennyBA’s TerellaPlease don’t confuse this event with our Oslo Blog Gathering 2010, where my blog friends from all over the world will meet for a special gathering. There you will meet VisitOSLO at our information stand which will give the participants good advice on the local area and activities. Be sure to register if you haven’t already and join the fun!


  1. May the best, most creative person win. How cool.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

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  3. Waaaah. Not open for me. :(

  4. I was thinking the same thing, do you have to be part of those countries to do it? UK, Germany, Italy, France or Russia???

    Sounds like a great deal though!

  5. Do you think I can still participate as a French? I should give it a shot, since I learned so much here!

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  8. I have always wanted to visit Norway.. Maybe this is my ticket.. Norway is just amazing, but what attracts me most is the Black Metal Scene

  9. Norway Norway Norway !! I fell happy when think in “my secon country ” Norway.
    A big hug Renny


  10. Sounds like a fabulous way to see Norway!

  11. Wow, five lucky people will surely have a treat.

  12. We’re so pleased you’re interested in Norway. Your Way. At the moment the competition is only open to creatives in the UK, Russia, Germany, Italy and France. However, we may do something later in the year for everyone.


  13. I am from Nepal, am i still be eligible to take part it this competition?

  14. This sounds like a great contest! I hope you will consider doing one for the US market sometime in the near future. I’d love to visit Norway.

  15. I come from Ukraine, I’m a permenant resident of Poland .can I take part in this competition?

  16. sad. i can’t join. i’m not part of those 5 countries :(

  17. Could be really awesome things people comes up with! Good luck to all that plan to participate!

  18. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone super creative and really passionate about travel and at the same time sharing their adventures in all kinds of Social Media!!

  19. this seems to be a very interesting one Renny! I wish to join but can’t imagine how can I write about it if I wasn’t there yet. I will see..happy to be here again reading your updates! miss your blog!

    thanks for the visit too! appreciate it!

  20. How cool!!! luuuuv it! already left my post :)

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