Norway Your Way at RennyBA’s Terella VisitNorway gives a 10 days exploration of the true Norway as they challenge your creativity that has been inspired by Norway and its values!
So does awe-inspiring nature charge your creativity? Do vibrant urban scenes and local culture beg you to get your camera out? If so, you’re perfect for discovering Norway and documenting it on ‘Norway. Your Way’.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day; submit Norway inspired content, which could take the form of a video, poem, picture or even a recipe – anything that has been inspired by Norway. The content doesn’t necessarily have to be of Norway – it just needs to be something really creative that has been inspired by Norway – like this:

Key dates about the competition:
-> Monday 7th June – the competition opens and it ends Monday 12th July
-> Friday 16th July – Winner announced
-> Friday 13th August – Trip starts and runs through Sunday 22nd August

As a special service to the readers of my blog, I’ll give you a head start! Here is their web page where you can submit you’re stuff: Norway. Your Way!
Also check out VisitNorway: On Twitter – On Facebook – Their Home Page!

Oslo Blog Gathering by RennyBA’s TerellaPlease don’t confuse this event with our Oslo Blog Gathering 2010, where my blog friends from all over the world will meet for a special gathering. There you will meet VisitOSLO at our information stand which will give the participants good advice on the local area and activities. Be sure to register if you haven’t already and join the fun!


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  3. How neat!

    Hope all is well with you!

    Have a great day!

    Love, Jess

  4. anyone from any country can join? :)

  5. Hats off to you Renny you are such a good ambassador :D

  6. Creative competion, sure is;)

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  8. That was a good reflection of your culture what a great tradition ^_^

  9. That’s a great competition. They’re finding more and more creative ways of marketing nowadays, all the tourist offices – and travel agents too. I hope we’ll see even more of those kind of things in the future!

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