Oslo University Botanical Garden, Norway’s oldest, was established in 1814 and administrated by the city’s University. As part of The Natural History Museum, even the primate fossil Ida can be viewed as part of the exhibition “Can we forgive Darwin”. Ida gained world renown in May 2009, when the scientific paper describing her was accompanied by a TV film and popular science book. The garden originally covered 75,000 square metres, but has since doubled in size and the collection includes roughly 35,000 plants of about 7500 unique species. It’s not only a scientific collection in itself though – but very popular for recreation too:
Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #5

My wife DianeCA and I had another quality time there last weekend and we gladly take you along for the tour. Read her post from a different prospective; An Oasis in the City – while I take this opportunity to announce & prove that summer finally has arrived in Oslo, and to show you what the locals are crazy about; the Sun ( click to bigify & enjoy):
Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #6 Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #7

Botanical Garden – a recreational oasis:
The garden is for those who are fascinated by the diverse and unique fauna. You may read more about that on my blog post from last year: Flowers and herbs….. This time I’ll concentrate of the recreational side of using the garden – by a photo reportage:
Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #1
From the Rock Garden.

A miniature alpine landscape, where the plants are hardy perennials, bulbs and shrubs from all over the world. They are arranged in series of European, America and Asiatic sections:
Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #2 Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #3
Perfect for singles, couples and/or families to relax in.
Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #9 Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #10

The Victoria House:
Dates from 1876, it’s three division’s houses orchids and ferns, the spectacular Queen Victoria Water Lily (Victoria cruziana) and house plants:
Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #11
In this house, you may also see utilitarian Tropical and Subtropical plants producing rice, cacao, sugar, cotton, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla.

However, what the two children in the above photo spotted was this little fellow to the right:
Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #13 Oslo Botanical Garden in Norway #14

Experience for yourself at OsloBG:
Oslo Blog Gathering by RennyBA’s Terella We always take guests visiting us in Oslo to the Botanical Gardens. It is well worth a day wander, and is located in the diverse borough of Tøyen which can be part of a planned trip to the area. Located in this section is also the Munch Museum which is dedicated to Norway’s collection of Munch’s paintings, and within the Botanical gardens you may visit the National Geological Museum and Natural Museum at the same time. Oh and don’t forget the greenhouses like Victoria House above. Hope you will come and explore with us, it will make your day bloom like a rose – so click here to join us in August!


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  2. Looks like a tropical paradice in the middle of Oslo. Those giant lillypads are so impressive. And I never knew there were no natural turtles in Norway! Of course I haven’t met any in 11 years so that should have tipped me off but still. Glad they have some at the museum then.

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  4. These are lovely gardens. The reflection on the lake is exceptional.

  5. I love botanical gardens, especially all the different plants from other countries. It looks as if you and Diane had a lovety day, Renny.

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  7. Amazing! Smply amazing. I dont even remember the last time i have been to such a green place

  8. Gorgeous pictures…looks beautiful in Oslo! Almost a year since I visited for summer solstice. Love Oslo but most expensive city I have visited!

  9. Hi Renny!! OMG such awesome pictures, I love the looks of this botanical garden and it looks so magical! Have a great week! :)

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  11. I LOVE gardens and arboretums, Renny, and yesterday, on my 65th birthday, we spent the day at the castle and gardens in Arcen, south in The Netherlands. One day I’ll post about ours as you have so beautifully posted about yours. :) And yes, I keep wondering if it’ll ever be warm enough to call it summer. I’m wearing my long-sleeved T-shirt today, watching the Nederland-Denmark soccer game. :)

  12. Feels good to see so much green after our long white winters, doesn’t it!

    Botanical gardens are lovely place to hang out in the summer.

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  14. Tell me,
    the species at Photo #1 and #2,
    what are they:
    Cros Magnon 100% or is it Cros Magnon 98% and Neanderthal 2%.
    Like wine you must specify;-))

    Excellent report.

  15. I love the huge water lilies in the tropical garden area.

  16. Beautiful photos! That’s a lovely place. I like that spot with the bench under the tree.

  17. sharonsmum.anne@gmail.com

    I love the water lily photograph, particularly as I am about to start painting a picture with these beautiful lilies heavily featured (after the style of Monet), To try and add to my composition I tried to run off your picture but finished up with 12 pages!!!!! Is it possible for you to send me just the water lily photograph so I can use some of the features in my picture?

    If you can’t no problem. If you can, thanks in advance.

    • Dear Anne, its always great to see you visiting and thanks for you’re nice comments!
      The photo you asked for is on it’s way to you’re mail box :-)

  18. AWESOME! I just love to see the wonderful sights from your side of the planet :-)

    Waving from Minnesota,

  19. the grass , nice place for picnics , free picnics .. bring some food ask companies

  20. Wow, it looks fabulous! One day I’ll visit Oslo (well, more than one day I hope…), one day our budget will allow it! :-)

  21. Looks gorgeous. I’m sure all those sun-bathers were delighted when the summer weather finally came out. We here in the Pacific Northwest are still waiting for the nice weather to finally commit to sticking around–it’s quite belated this year.

    Tomorrow is International Picnic Day–I wonder if the park will end up with any picnic-ers.

  22. Everything is so amazingly green!

  23. I really love Botanical Gardens. I used to be a student at Liverpool University (a very long time ago). They had lovely Botanical Gardens, Ness Gardens, not as old as Oslo’s, but similarly used for recreation as well as learning. We took our son there for his first birthday celebration.

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  26. You will already be there and can use the site for your photos at no additional charge. but you have to have your own photographer, or someone with a great digital camera whom you trust to take your pictures.

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  28. If I weren’t already at the paradise, I would wonder :-) Lovely photos!

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