The historical, cultural and Royal event when Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will marry Daniel Westling in Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan), is of course to be mentioned since my blog is about Norway and the Nordic countries. I mean after all; Norway is Sweden’s closest neighbour and friend and so are our Royal families too.

A non Royal husband or wife?
When Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Mette-Marit became engaged there was much discussion; was it appropriate for an heir to the throne to marry a person who was not royalty. Now you have the same debate in Sweden and some wonder if Daniel Westling is appropriate for Victoria. To me it actually seams like it strengthens the Royal’s position and the fact that we both have a Kingdom in our countries.

When The Norwegian government invited to dinner before Crown Prince Haakon’s wedding in 2001, the Crown Prince held a direct and humble speech:

“Few things in life happens by chance, at least not that Mette-Marit came into my life. The more I got to know her, the more I realised that and therefore we wanted to live a life together. I do know that our choices have not been as easy for everyone else. A fact I just have to respect”, he said, and also was thankful for all the support they’d got.

Bridesmaid Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway:

 Princess Ingrid AlexandraTen young bridesmaids and page boys are taking part and three of them are the Crown Princess’ godchildren.
Further more, as future monarchs themselves; Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, both 6 years old, are to be bridesmaids, while Danish Prince Christian, age 4 1/2, will be a page boy. So, there will be a lot of young children playing a part in this wedding. It certainly should be a sight to see!
This is Princess Ingrid Alexandra (see photo to the left – borrowed from ScanPix) biggest public appearance so far in life and a special reason for Norwegians to closely follow the ceremony of course :-)

The biggest Royal event?
500 million TV viewers across Europe are expected to watch the 2 million € spectacle in Stockholm’s specially renovated cathedral. Stockholm’s airport has been renamed for the occasion, as Official Love Airport 2010. The wedding comes after a lengthy struggle by Princess Victoria to persuade the royal family to recognise her relationship with a commoner.

You should also read about this from a local’s point of view; My friend, the one and only; Mrs. Lifecruiser: Swedish Crown Princess Wedding Pre-Report!

How about you; Did you see any of this Royal Wedding? – and what do you think?


  1. oooh I am going to watch the wedding on the telly. I love royal weddings they’re so lavish and quite a fairytale!

  2. I read somewhere in the papers that taxpayers are not too happy to pay for the royal wedding, no matter how they feel about the royal family. Do you feel that too?

  3. I have no idea until I read this Renny and I think this is wonderful and romantic. Royal or no royal is not important as long as there is true love :D

    And…..:) For better or for worst anyway so there wishing them all the best :D


    Coming from England I am an ardent royalist and am very much looking forward to the time when the Princes William and Harry eventually marry. Personally, I’m not interested in who should, or should not, pay Zhu – a celebration seems to bring out the best in any country.
    We celebrated the Trooping of the Colour to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday (she has two) and thousands crowded to see the royal family. It makes one feel good to read about and look at happiness rather than doom and gloom.

  5. I saw the Happy Couple on TV and thought they looked very well suited.
    We do not choose who we fall in love with and they looked very much in love.
    She looked like a Princess which ofcourse she is!!
    Another big royal wedding this year for you Renny too!

  6. I feel much the way of Zhu, but no I did not read about the wedding. First read it here from you. :)

  7. Should be quite the celebration!

  8. I saw very little reporting about it, and what there was seemed to give the impression that the public wasn’t really interested. Our royal family in the UK hasn’t set any good examples on marriage, I’m afraid.

  9. Somehow these occasions are like fairytales to the rest of the world, Renny, so we do stare. I think we need pomp and cirmcumstance, to be honest! It would be fun to have a discussion about it to find out why?!

  10. :( they didn’t show it here in Australia, but enjoyed seeing it via the web – wonderful!

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  12. Reports that Victoria, 31, and her boyfriend, Daniel Westling, would marry have circulated for several years. The court said the royal wedding was planned for next year.

  13. I I thought the concert the evening before was great. The whole arrangement of the wedding was excellent. I looked for the Finnish president and her husband. She looked quite nice with her huge chain and red hair. Being a head of state, she sat with the kings and queens, :), also at dinner. Lovely, warm speeches.
    Lots of different style of music. The boat journey was special.

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  15. It really was a fabulous event! Once in a lifetime experience! I saw the Norwegian ship that your royals arrived with too. Lovely!

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