Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere gives longest period of daylight. In Oslo, Norway (latitude of 60°) we have 19 hours and actually quite bright even at midnight. Let me show you by a photo I shot around 11PM at a BBQ-party on Saturday:
BBQ at Summer Solstice in Oslo Norway

The word solstice derives from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) and this year it occur the 21st. The term is also colloquially used like Midsummer to refer to the day on which it occurs, except in the Polar Regions (where daylight is continuous for half of the year) – like north in Norway; The Land of the Midnight Sun – see my report from a few years back: Arctic Adventure Rafting The Barents Sea!

Since it’s the end of a season or semester and beginning of summer (schools close for 8 weeks and people normally use at least 3 of their total 5 weeks vacations), there is a lot to celebrate – and mostly outdoors. Who blame us; in 6 month we have winter & snow and 5 hours daylight. So we party, party, party – with co-workers, colleagues and friend. Let me give you a couple of examples:

Culinary sensations at Nodee Asian cooking:
This year’s party with colleagues at the Norwegian Computer Society was at an Asian restaurant, 5 minutes by Tube out of Oslo center. Okay, we ate indoors, but it count as a summer party anyway :-) Let’s go directly to the 5 course serving and start with a friend of mine, well known to my regular readers:
Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #1
The one and only; TorAa
Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #3 Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #2
Colleagues around the table.

Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #4 Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #5
1: King Crab, Soft shell Crab & Sea Bass. 2: Crispy Duck
Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #6 Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #7
3: Lobster wok Shao. 4: Ching Lak Ao Lau 5: Grilled Scallops
Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #8 Nodee Asian cooking in Oslo Norway #9

University collage mates from 73-75 at Aker Brygge:
The last 10 year or so, I’ve invited old school friends (yea, I’m kind of a HUB :lol: ) to summer party in Oslo. They are spread all over Norway, but 10 to 20 persons shows up; this year at Aker Brygge:
Summer Party at Aker Brygge in Oslo #1

In the background you see Akershus Fortress! Aker Brygge (former ship yard established in 1864), across Oslo harbour and close to the Town Hall, is the city’s finance and amusement aria with shops, restaurants, cinemas, office space and apartments as well as a small boat harbour. Let me show you what we had to eat, before I show you the aria:
Summer Party at Aker Brygge in Oslo #6 Summer Party at Aker Brygge in Oslo #7
I had Blue Mussel (love seafood you know), some had just a burger.

After dinner we walked around to soak in the summer atmosphere at Aker Brygge and checked the service at some of the restaurants (click to bigify & enjoy!):
Summer Party at Aker Brygge in Oslo #2 Summer Party at Aker Brygge in Oslo #3
These photos is shot around 9PM – still sunny and bright :-)
Summer Party at Aker Brygge in Oslo #4 Summer Party at Aker Brygge in Oslo #5

Don’t you love this summer party rituals and the late, sunny – and even romantic – nights? Norwegians have learned to take advantage of this, since we don’t have it all year around you know :-)
Would you like to experience this and soak in the summer late night atmosphere yourself? Well here is you’re chance: I invite all to the Oslo Blog Gathering in August – click to check the program and book to join us! – if you then go to bed at sun set and get up at the rise; you haven’t waste you’re stay in Oslo by sleeping :lol:


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    It’s probably me but you do seem to dine out on a very regular basis!!!! Lucky you (the green eyed monster raising its ugly head).

    I appreciate it’s probably an age thing but 21 June seems to have come round so quickly this year – just think, from tomorrow the nights start to draw in………….

  3. Oh lovely! Mussels!!!!!! My favorite. Especially when done with garlic, white wine and butter!

  4. Renny Que bonito! Aker Brige remember, of course! As I like to see pictures of Oslo. I am very sensitive so now I get excited and I want to walk around and feel that peace that is your wonderful country.
    A big Hug


  5. You’ve been having some great parties! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to take advantage of the summer sun here in central France. It has been cold and rainy a lot of the time and it hasn’t been sunny and bright at midday, never mind at 9:00 pm! Today at least it’s sunny, but still very cool.

    I will pretend I’m with you. :)

  6. I absolutely love the longest days of the year. I must admit knowing I won’t be leaving for a vacation soon has put a damper on my spirits.

    I loved all of the food and all of the photos you’ve shared. I must get my photos and story up from my parents visit.

  7. We aren’t as far north as you are, Renny, but the long days here in Holland remind me of my youth in Michigan…almost the same amount of light. We have heavy drapes on the windows for sleeptime, but I always smile when I see the light peek around the edges. :)

  8. Happy Solstice to you too!
    Mussels… yummyyyyy! I love seafood too.

  9. Fantastic post Renny – as always!

  10. Very nice weather and very nice party.
    We are in the final countdown to Oslo Blog Gathering.
    I love Akker Brygge and the sunshine in Oslo summer days.
    Big hug to you and Dianne!

  11. Oh yes, we do enjoy the outdoors during this season….let’s make the best of the summer, cheers Renny!

  12. Great photos – and amazing how light it is in the evening! Love Oslo.

  13. No Midsummer parties here in Casablanca but I know in Scandinavia people go crazy this weekend! :)

  14. I see no problem with inviting her. If it was me, I would of course let her know what the celebration was for. that way she can decide for herself if she is comfortable with attending or not.

  15. Is it nine pm still sunny and bright in this photos? Really, it’s very fantastic and amazing! I wanted to admire personally all spectacular scenery!

  16. It looks like you’re enjoying the summer. Do you stay up all night during the summer solstice? The weather here has been cool and wet, we’ve even had flooding. Although the past few days have been warmer and we’ve been able to enjoy our jazz festival. :-)

  17. all day on the 20th i was wondering what must renny, and diane and tor being doing tonight to celebrate the sun. now i know. such fun!

  18. France has longer daylight than Canada I noticed. Here it’s dark around 10:30… Canada is dark about an hour earlier. I love summer, it makes it up for all the dark days in the winter!

  19. During this time of year, it’s easy to forget both blogging and comment even best friends blog.
    We have a saying here in Norway: “Do not sleep away the Summernight”.

    But, I must admit I did sleep very well after the Summer Season Party with our friends in the Computer Society. LOL.

    Comments to your commentors:
    Oslo is situated about 60 degrees North. In North America that means in the middle of Hudson Bay. What time the Sun comes up and when it goes down does not matter: The point is how many hours you have Sun above the horizon where you live

  20. Glad to see that you’re enjoying the summer like that! Better to catch them while time is!

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