The Classic Car Rally followed by a show and Old Ox Memorial in Mariestad, Sweden, is an annual tradition that draws participants and spectators from near and far. 100’s of vintage vehicles, cars and motorcycles are driven through the town and parked to be admired at Karl’s Holme (the “People’s Park”). This year, in the fantastic weather, the park was very popular (click photo to bigify and enjoy):
Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #1 Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #2
People admiring the cars & enjoying a sunny day with fellow enthusiasts in the park.
Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #3 Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #4

It happens every first weekend in July, the start of the summer season when our charming vacation home town Mariestad attracts many tourists. It’s called The Pearl of Vänern (Northern Europe’s biggest lake) and a popular stop for boat travellers from all over Europe entering the lake through the Göta Canal. The park is close to the lake and the harbour (click for a closer look):
Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #15 Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #16
On the left photo – in the background: the harbour filled up with boats.

Of course there are locals and visitors from all over Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia for that matter – including our Norwegian “colony”. The interest for cars and motorcycles; old and new, large and small, fast and even faster are shared by everyone at this show. I have to admit, I am not at all an expert, but I sure can enjoy some of the beauty (which I tried to capture the best I could – again, click for a closer look):
Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #8 Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #7
Young & 0ld – Small & big
Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #10 Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #14

Mariestad’s Vehicle History Society:
The rally and show are arranged by this association (in Swedish; “Mariestads Fordonshistoriska Sällskap”) and their chairman gave an introduction and described some of the cars:
Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #6 Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #5

From their web page, I have translated some wise words (at least I think so):
The history of the total 1900s is in many respects been a century when technology captured our culture. Communications sector, i.e. road traffic and rail expansion and aviation became tangible evidence of an expansive development in an important part of a growing society. The car to drive, as well as motorcycle created an existence where the concepts of freedom thrived. The technology was developed. Vehicle models saw the light, disappeared, and were replaced by new more modern and more efficient designs. From different parts of the world cars and motorcycles reached us and would be preserved as cultural treasures.

I sum up this post with a couple more picks:
Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #12 Classic Car show in Mariestad Sweden #13

Next week my father in law will be joining us from New York. This show reminds me of him as he has a classic car and loves attending the big shows. This is a good example of how modern technologies, in this case vehicle, intertwine our cultures and cause the world to grow in the same direction. People from different parts of the world have a shared cultural existence because of technology, just as we share existence through blogging and social media; it’s a win – win situation, don’t you think?


  1. First I love your new blog layout. Very much.

    I love car shows. I can spend hours and hours making the rounds. I’m trying to put together a car show for my last cruise out this year. It’s looking pretty good at the moment.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  2. This certainly looks like a fun event. My husband loves cars.

    Btw, I have a blogging friend who just returned from Norway. Her mom was born in Tromso and her niece decided to get married there. Here’s the link if you’d like to see:



    Fascinating post and many of those cars I remember seeing on the road in my (very much) younger days. How times have changed – I doubt the modern car will last to be shown in fifty-plus years’ time! Built-in obsolesence!

  4. Stunning pictures. You must have had a blast there

  5. Am a big fan of the Norwegian Black Metal Music. Can you post some articles and pictures about that.

  6. I always fancy those vintage cars. Someday I want to own at least one! Anyway, have a nice week to you and Diane!

  7. good source of information

  8. I’m so glad you stopped by to visit via Debbie!

    I am so thrilled with my trip to Norway! I MISS being there…

    Is your background photo in Oslo?? It looks just like the place our hotel was across the street from and I saw this out of the window.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Norway!!


    • I’m glad too and thanks for returning the favour!

      Glad you had a good time – welcome back and let me know so we can meet up!

      The background photo is The New Oslo Opera House.

  9. So RETRO!!! I like :D I love back to the old days and everyone is so relaxed there.

  10. the motorcycles are what catch my eye ;)

  11. So colorful! These are truly classic car, they mean so much more than current classic models. Love the pictures as usual ;-)

  12. Those are some really awesome cars! They make me nostalgic!

  13. I like the new look of your blog – it looks Norwegian to me. I also like to see old cars – they have a charm new cars don’t possess. I wish they would design more cars in the 1930’s style.

  14. Sounds you had a great great time here! When I look at the old cars I dream I come back in my childhood watching the old films about prohibition, Holliwood etc…Have good time in family with Papa’s Diane!!!

  15. Hey, thats such fabulous cars! We love old cars! We where verrrry close to bid on one in an auction yesterday actually… both we both knew that it was not practical done since we have no garage ;-( it was hard to hear it be sold to another fellow… *sobbing*

  16. Oh, forgot to say: I want that red/white one in photo #2! FAB CAB!

  17. What is it about old cars like this, Renny, especially when they are refurbished and made to look like the day they came off the press! I think we all love them…and what a photo op! :)

  18. Those old cars really had style!

  19. I’ve been in one of those shows in Sweden and is just fantastic!!!

    The only thing I regret is that I believe they should have some kind of description of each car, like make, model and some remarks that give us a better description of these beatifull machines!!

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