DianeCA playing Digital beauty with brains

Connecting to Social Media and the rest of the digital world with real time news, online map navigation, worldwide free calls and net meeting as well as calendar, tasks and notes management is now reality. To an always online gadget geek like me, it’s both a thrill and professionally a must. So when all this is merged into a sleek little mobile phone device, I feel free like a bird. I’ve had a Nokia N82 for a while and am looking for the next step: a Smartphone.
This time my wife DianeCA was one step ahead of me and we had a real great weekend when she got her new Nokia X6:
Digital beauty with brains #1
Playing with wife’s new toy.

I know I am lucky being married to a woman who takes advantage of digital connectivity too. Then again, that’s how we met 12 years ago: She living in NY, US and me in Oslo, Norway – we met on the net in a news group. Then mail followed by photo exchange and chatting until we both “met” in video meeting. Love was growing, she moved over to Norway and we are happily married for over 10 years, and both a bit geeky.
So let me give you a peek of our playing with her new tool this weekend (click photo to bigefy and enjoy):
Digital beauty with brains #2 Digital beauty with brains #3
My digital beauty with brain even let me play a bit

Synchronizing the digital world:
A new Smartphone with standard installations is a start, but to me there is way to go. Upgrades and updates is of course the first things to do – then adjustments, setups for Social Media accounts as well as email, makes it even more useful. Then synchronizing with all the necessary digitized stuff at you’re PC adds the contents that make it a joy to use like for me: about 2000 contacts, all my appointments and tasks, photos and videos of course and then favourite places marked on the map as well as bookmarks for web browsing and all RSS subscriptions. For that, Nokia Ovi Suite is brilliant and saves me years of work, collecting digital beauties.

Makes travelling much more fun:
We have AUX connection on the stereo in our car and even my “old” Nokia N82 connects with that and gives: hands free phone calls, music from the favourite list, listening to Podcasts and of course GPS Map navigation. Our car stereo does not includes that, and I am glad, because I want it on a portable device (yes, the Smartphone!) so when we stop at new places, I bring it along to find the best restaurants, entertainment, tourist info office or other public services etc. If I am travelling abroad, I always find a free WiFi zone and call my bellowed wife via Skype – with video to see her lovely face or show her something around me – for free! You may say I am addicted, but it’s all for a good cause, don’t you think?

Digital Beauties with brains:
Talking about things digitalized and the vague difference between the real and the virtual world: when playing with Diane’s new toy this weekend, I all of a sudden was thinking of a song a friend of mine performed at the Norwegian Computer Society annual meeting once. His name is Henrik Wigerstrand and he is a brilliant singer and guitar player – as well as writer. I recorded it with my compact camera and the lightening conditions were very difficult, so the quality of the video isn’t so good. I do hope you will turn up you’re speaker and listen to a very funny song with subtle and thoughtful touches in the equality debate:

Visit from FIL & preparing for OsloBG:
OsloBG2010 at RennyBADiane went back to Oslo now to work for 3 more days before her parents come to visit and to prepare our house for guests. I have to admit to a dash of withdrawal now that she took her new Nokia Smartphone with her. Now I really hope to get the new Nokia N8 in time for the Oslo Blog Gathering as I can see I really need this device to maximize the experience. I want to be able to post live as things happen along the way and make it more fun for my readers to check in and keep up to date with our events.
Btw: Talking about connectivity features; Nokia N8 supports options like: GPRS, EDGE, micro-USB, Bluetooth connectivity, HSDPA, WiFi connections, GPS along with A-GPS support. That should make me capable of keeping my readers up to date and keep my guests from getting lost at the same time!