Recreational nature walk in Norwegian woods

If looking for recreational nature, Norway including the capital Oslo, is home to a number of great environmental attractions where you can get up close and personal. So if you really like to stress down and get away from it all, take the tube or a bus 20 minutes to the outside of Oslo and get yourself an outdoor adventure. We do that often on the weekends (like most other Norwegians) and since the in-laws from the US are visiting, we shared one of our favourite spots to give them a taste of this Norwegian natural pearl. It’s just 30 minutes walk in the forest and here is the scenery:
Nature adventures in Norwegian woods #1
It’s a photo – not painting!

While sitting there at the water edge, the cutest little duck family came along and they were relatively tame. I had my Nokia x6 on hand of course and started to shoot pics (click all pics to bigify & enjoy!):
Nature adventures in Norwegian woods #2 Nature adventures in Norwegian woods #3

Scenery like this – at least to us – is breath taking. You don’t say a word as silence in the woods is golden – you just enjoy the magic moment and let your thoughts go with the flow. Like if you have the chance to see things like this:
Nature adventures in Norwegian woods #4

To share this with the in-laws from US was kind of special we have taken our children up here for years to experience the natural environment. We use this place in the spring, summer, fall and winter as a recreational area and all seasons have their charm. We have hundreds of pictures of the family at this spot, and now it was especially nice to bring Diane’s family here to experience this place for themselves.
Nature adventures in Norwegian woods #5 Nature adventures in Norwegian woods #6

My in-laws are leaving tomorrow so I am glad that the atmosphere was good and that we could share one of our families treasured places with them and give them plenty of memories to take home from their trip. Last night we all exchanged pictures; the beauty of digital photography is you can share it with many without reducing the quality of the photo. So my in-laws will have plenty of good photos to remind them of their trip.

I am sure to be testing my new Nokia X6 much more in the days to come. We have some vacation left before OsloBG and will be online more after our guests have returned to their home in New York. Hope you will stay tuned and share the fun!

This post is part of Petunia‘s photo competition with the theme “Mitt lille land = My little country“. Click link to visit and see a lot of great pics from Norway!