Sheraton in Brussels gives service with a smile

An experienced traveller knows what the words “full service hotel” really means. In this case it meant service beyond the front door also out in Brussels city. Since travelling a good deal both in business and our free time, it’s also interesting to hear others experiences. So repeating his previous success, I have the pleasure of a new guest post from Edgar about how he and his wife were helped out of a bit of a sticky (or at least wet) situation. Edgar, the floor is yours:

Edgar ValldmanisIn my previous post I included an endorsement for our hotel in Brussels, the Sheraton Brussels. I have stayed there before, and my recent experience lifted it to one of our all-time-favorite-hotels. The story is that while out sightseeing one afternoon, we were caught by a terrible downpour not far from the EU offices in the Berlaymont building. We sought refuge in a doorway/driveway to some official building manned by Military Police. It was raining so badly so that we couldn’t even stand outside to try and hail a taxi. The MP’s gave us a number to call, but there was no answer at the taxi-central, understandably enough.

The rain continued, and we were getting desperate, it really was so bad so that I thought Noah may be coming back with his Ark to pick us up. And it didn’t look like it would be letting up for the next couple of hours.

The I suddenly realized that being a full-service hotel the Sheraton would have a dedicated guest-service-position known as a concierge, so I decided to call him (they’re very often male) for help. I politely asked if he could possibly arrange for a taxi to come and pick us up. I thought this would possibly be stretching the limits for his duties, but he was all help and no complaints. It took less than ten minutes before the taxi was there and took us safely (and dry!) back to your hotel.

From the web link above you can see that there are virtually no limits to what you can ask for, and from guest-point of view it came out as excellent service. This is the type of service that makes me argue for the benefits of paying more to stay in a full-service hotel rather than a B&B. And the type of service that will make me come back – rr at least write a post (he he….).

It could be interesting to hear your thoughts about this episode; How many of you have stayed in a hotel like the Sheraton, and have you actually used the services of the concierge? What is/was your experience?

Thanks Edgar, I can really understand you giving your full endorsement to Sheraton Brussels. I am not sure all hotels offer such good service outside of the establishment. I agree totally that this hotel deserves two thumbs up and the loyalty of its customers. We’ll send them a link to this post and make sure they get the praise they deserve!

Seems to me that Edgar is getting to like this blogging thing! Glad to see it can be contagious sometimes. Make sure you link up with him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (etc) and follow along as he is quite active in Social Media. Participants at our OsloBG will meet him in person and I know he’ll looking forward to it!