OsloBG The Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 in Norway

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and other Social Media connect people and brake down cultural, religious and other barriers. Surveys also tell that people active in Social Media are more socially active face to face too. OsloBG and the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 in Norway is an excellent proof of that and its happening this week:

OsloBG2010 at RennyBAOsloBG is a three day program to explore Oslo and Norway’s culture, traditions and habits. Associates like VisitOslo give the Oslo Pass to all participants which allows free access to sightseeing attractions as well as public transportation. That gives everyone a free choice of how to experience our compact city offering everything from the Fjord, the mountains and wild life as well as pulsating urban adventures. Click the official logo to read about the whole program.

OsloBG in Social Media:
OsloBG2010 at RennyBAThe gathering is first of all a social gathering for people from all over the world who love to meet up and share magic moments while exploring Oslo. Some might blog about it live (like me, so stay tuned!) and some will share our adventures on other social media. I have a Nokia X6, excellent for uploading and sharing on all platforms, so check out my photos and reports on Facebook, Twitter and/or Flickr as well! If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of us and our adventures live at my Qik-site too from where I can broadcast real time, on line!

OsloBG’s Guest list:
Of course all participants are active on the net too and you might like to check them out for reports during or after the gathering:
From Norway/USA: The Host Renny and his wife Diane at DianeCA’s Metamorphoses
Norway: TorAa at TorAa’s Mirror
Sweden: Mrs. Lifecruiser & Mr. Lifecruiser at LifeCruiser’s Travel Blog
France: Claudie & Pierre at LazazandCruisers
France/USA: Vagabonde at Recollections of a Vagabonde
Portugal: Lelé Batita at Pérola de Cultura
UK: living in Norway – Nicola at Facebook
Russia: living in Norway – Svetlana at Facebook
Denmark/USA: – Rachel & her sister at Happily practising Danish. And I run too.
Indonesia: – sherinesky! at Once upon a blog
Latvia: living in Norway – Edgar Valdmanis at Norwegian Computer Society
Philippines: living in Norway – Anna Lyn at Nothern Angle
Spain: – Maria… at Facebook
Canada: living in Norway – BeaverBush at Canadian in Norway
Norway: returned from South-Africa – Caroline at Returne to Norway
USA: living in Norway & her SO – Michele at My Grand Adventure Part II
USA: living in Norway – Corrine at Northern Natterings
Indonesia: living in Norway – Cecelia at This Indonesian
UK: living in Norway – Karen at Facebook
Philippine: living in Norway – Charles Ravndal at charlesravndal.com

Click their link to enjoy all they will report before, during and after the gathering and of course check back here for updates and reports from our gathering!