Oslo Blog Gathering gave sightseeing adventures like Oslo New Opera House guided tour or watching changing of the guard ceremony in front of the Royal Palace – to mention just two out of numerals options for the participants. For those who picked these as their choice of day two, I was their local guide and of course you are welcome to join us:

The Norwegian Opera & Ballet:
As an ice berg out of the ocean, the Opera from the outside is considered spectacular, and the radical change of worm welcome look when you get inside is equally impressive. It’s Norway’s largest performing arts institution, with 600 employees working in about 50 professions and trades. Designed by the Norwegian architects Snøhetta, it is the first opera house in the world to let visitors walk on the roof (click pics to bigify & enjoy)):
OsloBG at Norwegian Opera House #1 OsloBG at Norwegian Opera House #2
OsloBG participants roof photo shoot.

The new opera house offers a rich and varied programme from three stages: The Main House (1369 seats), Second House (400 seats) and the Studio (200 seats). The Opera Roof and Foyer are also used for concerts and other artistic performances.
Our guided tour invited into a unique workspace and we learn a lot more about the architecture and even catch a glimpse of life backstage. I had my Nokia X6 mobile at hand of course, to give you a sneak peak:
OsloBG at Norwegian Opera House #3
The oak tree inside gives a warm and welcome impression as oppose to ice berg shaped building on the outside:
OsloBG at Norwegian Opera House #4 OsloBG at Norwegian Opera House #5

The artistic facilities and what is required of the shows was also among the guiding themes. We saw the public areas, the main hall as well as Scene 2 (photos above), and we even were back stage and also saw the rehearsal rooms and the sewing room:
OsloBG at Norwegian Opera House #6 OsloBG at Norwegian Opera House #7

The Oslo Pass = Free transport & entrance:
OsloBG participants at the tube The OsloBG participants were given this Oslo Pass by VisitOslo. It provides free travel on all public transport, free admission to museums and sights, free parking in all Oslo municipal car parks, discounts on car rental, ice skate hire, Tusenfryd Amusement Park etc. This of course were very convenient to have – all the time – so even if only three stops away, we took the tube to our next adventure this second day.

His Majesty the King’s Guard (HMKG):
At 1:30PM 2 pm. every day, the changing of the guard ceremony take place in front of the Royal Palace. A popular spectator event for tourists and of course for the OsloBG participants too:
OsloBG at the change of Kings Guard #1
Their dark blue dress uniforms have remained virtually unchanged throughout the regiment’s 142 years of existence

I was serving at the King Guard myself in 1972, so I knew where to take OsloBG participants to stay or sit to get the best, closest look:
OsloBG at the change of Kings Guard #2 OsloBG at the change of Kings Guard #3
One noteworthy detail of the uniform is the plumbed bowler hat, which was copied from the Italian Bersaglieri alpine troops – a regiment that so impressed the queen Louise (Queen of Sweden and Norway between 1859 and 1870) that she in 1860 insisted the Norwegian guards be similarly attired.

OsloBG – the participant’s choice:
OsloBG2010 at RennyBAThis is only a small collection of what was explored by the OsloBG participants this second of our three days together – all in all we were about 30 participants from all over the world. Seldom were we together in one group though as the program idea was based on that everyone should pick out their favourite spots according to their interest and preferences and of course what they felt for each day. So as “local hosts”, DianeCA my wife, our good friend TorAa and I picked out our rout for the day and invited those who wanted to follow.
I will post more from my trips and so will they – not to mention all the participants’ blog posts from their adventures. Those will be presented by me in one post as soon as I have collected all of them. So by all means: stay tuned!


  1. Glad you all had such a great time. Way cool on the guards too. Another fine history lesson.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. :)

  2. Letizia Marziali

    Dear Renny, I didn’t know the hat of the King’s Guards was copied by that of the Bersaglieri^_^My uncle (my Dad’s brother) served as a Bersagliere in the italian army and we have lots of pictures of his while running in military parades with that particular bowler hat… I like this connection between Italy and Norway!!!^_^

  3. The insides of the opera look as amazing as the outsides! I didn’t know you a change of the guards too – it’s a popular daily event in Ottawa.

  4. We weren’t with you at the opera and at the guards’ ceremony but I enjoy to read your post and I won’t miss these visits the next mal! Of course we were at another place with Tor. After visiting the Viking World we walked to the Paradise Bay!

  5. Hi Renny, I think it was a good idea that everybody could make their own choices what to visit. In this way, our blogs will show Oslo from many more sides on the participants respective blogs.
    F.I, when your where in the Opera-house, we were in th Akershus Fortress and Castle – posted yesterday.

  6. I love that we get to see so much of Oslo through the different blogs I’m already familiar with, Renny. This has been such a huge endeavor. WELL DONE.

  7. Dear Renny ! Many good memories !Thank made us all feel, you and Diane have been great with us. I always say and say you’re the best ambassador of Norway!.
    I remember the Opera in a special way. Diane and I had a cafe overlooking the harbor.
    Thanks again and again and I hope you organize another soon!

    A big hug


    • I remember so well the cafe view and actually having some nice weather!! I also remembering trying to get everyone together before the store started hehehe. I have now been dreaming of a trip to Ibiza, so I hope we can enjoy your homeland sometime too!

  8. Thank you Renny for the lovely pictures and report. Unforgetable, those days together and beatifull that Opera House.
    Kisses and hugs.

  9. a really big congratulations to you. i remember you posting before on your plans for this and now it’s total reality. :)

  10. It was a lovely day indeed…and I might point out that your background on this blog is your most impressive photo of the same building on a wonderful sunny day.

  11. Sorry its been a while, love the new look to your blog

    The opera house looks very impressive (thanks for sneak peak). Your blog will just keep me going until I finally manage to get over to Oslo and see it all for myself. Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. Hey Renny!

    You served in the King’s Guard? Now that is impressive! :D

    I see that the gathering went perfectly: how was it to meet everybody (put a face to the nickname/name)?

    My friend, I will stay tuned for more :D!


  13. Wish I could have come over… Maybe next time!

    Please visit my latest blog post… Something’s there for you…

  14. That’s really awesome Renny and wonderful photos to boot, too! I hope there’s an OsloBG again next year!

  15. Great to see the things we missed! Sometimes I really wanna be at several places at the same time! *giggles*

  16. What cool stuff you posted this week! Thanks for sharing.

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