Oslo offers a pulsing city life, but the fjord with its islands as well as the mountains and deep woods are also right on your doorstep. Exploring the environment in this compact capital of Norway was the aim of the Oslo Blog Gathering’s participants. Since VisitOslo gave everyone the Oslo Pass, we had the use of free public transportation, including the boats to the islands in the Oslo Fjord. One evening we took a ferry to one of the local islands for dinner. It was Mrs. Trøen, the Sales Manager of our HUB, the First Millennium Hotel, who came up with this splendid idea and reserved a large table for us. As always, I gladly share these magic moments with you, starting from the harbour at the City Hall, passing Akershus Fortress:
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #1

Five minutes later we had left the urban city life and were enjoying the nature (click pics to bigify & enjoy):
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #2 OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #3

The ferry is relatively small and in just 15 minutes takes you to Bygdøy Island with lots of historical museums:
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #4
Closer and closer to the Fram Museum:
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #5 OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #6
Fram = the boat Roald Amundsen used at his Polar Expeditions (the first to the South Pole in 1912)

Five minutes walk from there and you take Norway’s shortest ferry trip to the island where we were dining:
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #7
Max 11 passengers and one minute drive.

The restaurant at little Herbern Island:
This small “hide out” is a hidden gem and a peaceful and idyllic island which should be on every Oslo visitors wish list. People started to come out here when the restaurant first opened in 1929, and it has been known as a small and precious pearl in the Oslo gastronomy scene since then, beautifully situated on a natural beach it is open yearly from May – October.
It could be taken for a private Scandinavian summer home on the outside, however inside the restaurant has seats for 65 guests and 130 outside on the terrace with a fantastic seaside view. The restaurant’s interior is bright, with big windows, white table cloths, wooden chairs and a beautiful parquet floor. I’m sorry I didn’t take any pics from the outside, but here are some from the restaurant late in the evening:
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #13 OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #14
Fantastic sceneries through the panoramic windows.

I have pics from our gastronomic adventures as well so join the Oslo Blog Gathering gang from all over the world and let me share the menu:
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #8 OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #9

I guess it would not surprise you that seafood is their speciality and to me of course; the choice was easy. So first things first; the starter – bon appétit:
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #10
Scampi on a crisp salad with balsamic vinegar dressing
OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #11 OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #12
Left, the main course: grilled salmon on pureed potatoes – Right, the dessert: cappuccino pannacotta

After the one minute ferry back to Bygdøy Island, we took the bus back to Oslo – a 20 minutes drive and we were back in the city and First Millennium Hotel again.

This was Friday night’s menu and we were all getting to know each other quite well – making friendship for life. According to the OsloBG program, we still had one more day and night of fun and adventures, so stay tuned there is more to come!


  1. Hi, Renny!
    Thanks for sharing those wonderfull pictures from those unforgetable and very special moments!
    I think we could really have made friends for life!
    Love to you and Diane!

  2. My dear Renny !!
    I have many memories, but memories two sentences yours. One at City Hall with the mayor “This is a dream come true” and one that you said to me my “If you have a Norwegian friend, you have a friend for life.” Dear Renny have taught me a lot these days in Oslo, but it certainly surpasses all your human qualities! Thanks again

    A big hug


  3. since 1929? wow! that’s really a historical site :)

  4. Renny, Renny!!! We are still full of emotion with Pierre watching now your report wich takes place on this wonderful island in this sympatic restaurant!!!
    Yes, it was marvelous and over all Oslo created friendship between the participants: The kindness of the managers, the beautiful place, so nice people coming from all horizonts. Different things together wich created the marvelous feeling: we are friends, friends and we want to live other adventures in our future like this one.

  5. That was an evening not to be forgotten.
    We really had a jolly good time, when we met at the small Island and had a sparkling welcome;-)

  6. All smiles there Renny and I bet I would too :D What a lovely day indeed.

  7. Love to read about the information on Oslo.

  8. MMMMMMmmmmm that menu looks delicious!!! You know how to host events, man! :D

    Loved the pics, and I will be back for more!


  9. You have not idea how much I want to see the Fjords! I never knew it was that easy to get to them from Olso ok I’m saving for my pass

  10. I want your entrée, your salmon and your dessert! :lol:

  11. This is great! The waterfront view in the 1st picture is awesome and so do the rest of the photos. I wish you always all the best in your wonderful blog, Renny :)

  12. We remember that very well too! The shortest ferry trip ever… *giggles*

    …but the est was of course all friends meeting up and having a jolly good time together! Nothing can beat that!

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