The Oslo Blog Gathering exploring Norway and our capital’s architecture, culture, traditions and history – was a thrill and an adventure for about 30 Social Media active participants from all over the world. Some had been to blog meetings before, while other had only met friends in Blogsphere so far. One thing is for sure this blog gathering developed some real friendships which will last for a lifetime. So it’s a bit sad to sum it up and tell about the last day, however it also created new magical moments to remember in the future and I gladly share them with you.

The grand historic Oscarsborg Fortress:
OsloBG2010 at RennyBAMy wife DianeCA. invited those who wanted to join her for a trip to Oscarsborg Fortress. It stands on Kaholmene in the Drøbak Strait and has been there for more than 350 years. Build as a Coastal fortress in the years 1643-1644, its name was given by royal resolution on August 23, 1855 after a visit by the Swedish/Norwegian King Oscar 1.

Oscarsborg is best known for the sinking of the German battleship “Blücher” on the 9th of April 1940, WW2, and one can still get a whiff of the creosote (lignite tar) from the battleship. So the Fortress was military territory until 2003, but then made a publicly available resort island. We can tell you that many local families enjoy taking the boat out to the island fortress and having an enjoyable afternoon on the scenic grounds and visiting the charming seaside café.

Champagne on historical ground:
The Medieval Park in the Old City of Oslo (called Bjørvika) is the largest contiguous area of preserved ruins from the Middle Ages. It was here that the urbanization of Oslo started around the year 1000. In the 1300s there were six churches, three monasteries, royal residence and the bishop’s residence in this small urban society.

Surrounding the ruins is now a park and the old coastal line is recreated as it was in the middle ages by the creation of a water table to provide parkland quality and character. Before the grand finale in the evening, TorAa suggested this place as the perfect surroundings for popping the cork and toasting a successful gathering:
OsloBG at Medieval Park #1

Through Exhibitions and Events the park already communicates experiences, stimulating activities and even more: provides knowledge about Oslo City’s origins, and the role of Oslo as the capital and the Norwegian Middle Ages. The most famous yearly event is The Øya Music Festival, so we where in the right place to have a party:
OsloBG at Medieval Park #2 OsloBG at Medieval Park #13

The grand finale celebration:
Three hectic days (and nights) were coming to an to end but we weren’t ready to give up without a fight, or rather a party. My wife DianeCA and I were exhausted, but we still had a jolly good time with the whole gang at Dubliner Folk Pub. It was a mixed feeling of sadness for having to say farewell, but also the loud buzzing and talking about all the excitement we had experienced. Nobody wanted to go home and all had a lot more they wished to see and do. I was thinking: All in all, many good reasons to come back:
OsloBG Grand Final at Dubliner #1

Lawrence aka BeaverBush came up with the party idea and made the reservations for us at the pub. He was so nice and gave me a bottle of very nice champagne on behalf of all the participants. I was happy, thankful and proud of course that all went so well. It was hard to make a small thank you speech – very emotional for me:
OsloBG Grand Final at Dubliner #2 OsloBG Grand Final at Dubliner #3

Celebrating the Mayor’s birthday in the City Hall:
I have decided to end the report from OsloBG with the most Magic Moment of all: the opening ceremony as the reception by the Mayor in Oslo City Hall. Being aware of that the Mayor had his birthday that very day, I’d asked the participants to bring a small gift from their homeland to give to him. My wife had my Nokia X6 mobile phone, to capture the moment:

My wife DianeCA and I have worked hard on planning OsloBG for over one year and now that our mission is accomplished and my dream has come true, I want to thank everyone again who participated. We made the plan and invited the guests, but it was really each and every OsloBG participant who made the event what it was. Everyone played a key roll and it would not have been the same without them!
So far, all their posts about OsloBG is collected at the gatherings guest list. I will soon make a post to present all of them – so stay tuned!


  1. Thank you, Renny!
    Thanks for sharing all those Norway beauties and historical sites.
    Friendship, we don’t thank, we give back, and we hope it lasts forever.
    A big hug, my viking friend.

    • A great example of what this is all about; A givers gain.
      You know I love to share about Norway and with people like you and you’re husband, I’ve gained a lot by having you as real good friends.
      Hugs back – all the way to Portugal :-)

  2. Dear Renny !!
    Even I´m excited too see the photos an video at the reception with the mayor! That experience so pretty! It is true that it was so nice for all the wonderful people that got togheter in Oslo.
    Thanks a thousant times !!
    A big hug



    Thanks for sharing, in pictures, those of us who were unable to make the journey to Norway. I’m sure an unforgetable trip for all. Well done you and Diane for organising the gathering. I’m sure it was a labour of love.

  4. Dear friend,
    the OsloBG was really something I will remember for ever due to all the wonderful participants and the hard work you and Diane did to make this a success.
    I’m sure the participants got an idea of the splendour and variations of culture, history and nature we have here in Oslo and vincinity. Among aothers Oscarsborg fortress and the charming village of Dröbak, even the Henie – Onstad center of contemporary Art.
    I feel we just reached over a fraction of what to see and do in Oslo. Which is a very good reason to revisit, why not during the Winter and exceprience the contrasts with the dark and all the lights, even in ski-pists, both cross-country and alpine and snow-boards and skating fields. Not to forget all the live concerts every evening.

    OsloBG – 3 hectic days and nights – is now history – but will live in our memories, blogs, Facebooks, YouTube etc for ever.

    Thanks to your dream and realisation and the spirit of all the participants.

  5. It’s nice to see the happenings during OsloBG. Looks like you guys had an awesome gathering and tours. Lovely photos Renny!

  6. sorry i have not been around commenting much lately. even sorrier i could not join the party in oslo but it looks like it really was a special and wonderful time for everyone who participated. :)

  7. New post about OBG. I had not yet time to make the english translation… but, maybe you can make it more or less to read. Kiss.

  8. New post about Oslo Blog Gathering in my Blog.
    Sorry, I had not yet time to make the english translation, but maybe you can do it easily, only to read the post.
    Kisses and hugs.

  9. will there be a gathering in the future also? 2 years from now maybe so i can save. hehe.

    big congratulations to you renny. it’s not just aqn ordinary gathering. i hope i can join one too in the near future :)

  10. We on the sidelines have watched you prepare for this event for a long time, Renny and Diane, and can just imagine how you are fulfilled and satisfied by its grand success. CONGRATULATIONS. It was clearly a job well done.

  11. This post is as lovely as the blog gathering was – both all the excellent sightseeing, the wonderful hosts and participants! Truly a memory to treasure. The photos can be looked at many times to re-experience…. Tusen takk once again for arranging it :-)

    I did a summery of our sightseeing with photos and it feels so strange that it’s over, I mean after waiting for it for about a year! Time flies fast when having fun!

    Hugz to you and Diane

  12. What an emotion watching the video at the reception with the major!!!
    It was something unic in our life and I hope we’ll live other BG in our future but this one was fantastic!!! Unic!!!

  13. I am late in coming to your blog as we went on two other trips after returning from Oslo. I shall have more posts on Norway and the OsloBG in the future. Renny you certainly should be proud of having planned and organized a truly unforgettable meeting for all your blogging friends. It was so much fun. My husband and I had a great time and learned a lot about your wonderful country. It certainly was a success. Diane and you are great hosts.

  14. Hi Renny,

    Beautiful fortress, indeed.

    Aww, I can imagine how emotional the last day must have been. But at least you can rest assured that it was a hit! :D So congrats are in order: to you and your wife!


  15. we are sure the participants got a Thought of the glorious and variations of culture, history and nature we have here in Oslo and vincinity. Among aothers Oscarsborg fortress and the charming village of Dröbak, even the Henie – Onstad center of contemporary Art.

  16. I’m happy with you that it was such a successful event and I can see it in the pictures, how much all the participants had. Your and Diane’s hard work was paying off!!!

    Thanks for sharing all those nice moments with me, with us!

    yep… it’s me commenting – again – I have set an “alarm” in my agenda that will remind me from now on to visit my blog friends at least once per week – and here I am…LOL… sorry to have been absent that long!

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