Telemark Canal at Norsjø in Norway is ideal for active holidays. Biking or enjoy the canal in a canoe, you will however always find peace. It can be done at your own pace, as an active holiday here gives you the peace back. That’s what I found during the weekend in the heart of county Telemark in Norway when also celebrating our University College Class Reunion (35 years since finished). As always, I gladly take you with – let’s start with the celebration and place:
Norsjø at Telemark in Norway
Lake Norsjø viewed from the hotel.

It’s hard to believe we graduated 35 years ago, but it was some special bounds developed during our two years together in , Telemark, As a matter of fact we’ve had these reunions every 5 years since 1985! As always, when we meet up; nobody or nothing has changed – or has it (click picks to bigify & enjoy)?
RennyBA The Football Player Norsjø Hotel in Telemark Norway #2
Left: The football team in ’74 – Right: This years reunion.

The arranging committee had done a tremendously good job in planning for a 2 days reunion. We had a wonderful time on the deck in front of the hotel; catching up, sort out gossip and facts since five years as well as memorising the lovely, inapprehensive time in collage. Also in the evening, we had a delicious gourmet meal with great vine as well as coffee avec and were dancing and talking in the nightclub all night long. I’m sure you understand that I don’t go into details, but there is one special adventure in the afternoon before dinner, I can’t resist sharing: A boat trip on Lake Norsjø in M/S Telemarken. Let’s start with the breath taking view of the valley and mountains (the weather & company was perfect):
Lake Norsjø at Telemark in Norway #3
Lunch in Telemark gives you the peace back!

The boat M/S Telemarken:
The Motor Ship “Telemarken” was built at Västervik yard in Sweden in 1951 and was one of the boats in the Stockholm archipelago. Her first name was M/S “Freja” and eventually renamed M/S “Karson “. In 1988 the boat was put into operation on the Telemark Canal and was named M/S “Telemarken”. She is 26m long, 5.6m wide, protruding 1.6m deep and takes 140 passengers: here you see her anchored:
M/S Telemarken at Norsjø in Telemark #2
M/S Telemarken & Norsjø Hotel on top, right.

Find you’re peace back in Telemark:
Sailing along in sunshine, enjoying the magic in nature, what can be more recreational? To convince you, let me give a taste of the lake, the landscape and the locks from Norsjø up to the river Eidselva and back:
Lake Norsjø at Telemark in Norway #1 Lake Norsjø at Telemark in Norway #5
On Lake Norsjø
Locks Eidselva at Telemark canal River Eidselva at Telemark canal #11
Left: The locks to……. Right: …. Eidselva (a wide but very quiet river)

Eidselva lies in Nome municipality in Telemark. It rises in Flåvatn, runs into Norsjø in Ulefoss with 4 locks and is an important part of the Telemark Canal. I am from Telemark, so maybe a bit disqualified, but admit it’s a natural beauty:
River Eidselva at Telemark canal #1 River Eidselva at Telemark canal #2
The river Eidselva.
River Eidselva at Telemark canal #9 River Eidselva at Telemark canal #5

Blues session on Lake Norsjø:
The top of the cream, besides the weather, the food, the nature and the company (who could actually ask for more?), was the unforgettable concert on the boat by the blues musicians: Jostein Forsberg & Morten Omlid. They are very much involved in Notodden Blues Festival, the biggest in Scandinavia (25.000 spectators in 2010) and gave us one good blues pearl title after the other, combined in a jam sessions with Norwegian folk music:
Jostein Forsberg & Morten Omlid #2

So then I’ve saved the best for last: Filming with my compact Cannon G11 – Here you see Lake Norsjø, the monumental landscape and can listen to the blues guys who sat an adventuress atmosphere with their magic tunes – touching our soul and heart:

These are memories that stay forever and friendship staying the same way. For me the rural and being within the natural elements: Earth, Water and Air – when almost untouched – is the most inspirational and recreational there is. By this post I hope I have given you an idea of what I mean by that and why I love to be outdoors to charge my batteries!


  1. Telemark looks really beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your reunion! Like the new layout.

  2. what a scenic place to hold a reunion as you cruise along. thanks for the tour. :)

  3. I have my 35 reunion from High School next summer. I’m helping to plan it. It will be in Falmouth on Cape Cod. I’m excited.
    So wish I had made the Oslo Gathering. Especially since everything with Anneliese went so badly.
    Hope all is well.
    As usual, great pictures!

  4. The scenery is amazing, I rarely get to see water that blue.

  5. 35 is a big one, Renny! :) Wait till your 50th (which will be mine in 3 more years…actually for high school, not college). You’ve just whetted my appetite. Our whole class has a Facebook website where we’re catching up on each other ahead of time…so cool. That sounds like something you’d really advocate, right?! :)

  6. Impressive photos my dear, the scenery is beautiful and the photo quality is excellent. Nice bluesy video too, you sure do love your technical toys! Glad you had a great time with some good old friends. No I don’t think you’ve changed a bit since the old days…not at heart anyway.

  7. There are really amazing pictures of lake.the water is clean as well as the snaps too so clean and clear.

  8. Lucky you and all the others that could celebrate in such beautiful environments with such a wonderful Autumn Waether. Excellent Photos from a secret place in Norway – at least for foreigners.

  9. Beautiful photos Renny! I’ve been to Telemark once on our way to Oslo by car. It was a beautiful tour!

  10. I like such reunions! I’s so convivial and friendly!!
    The football team in 74: fantastic!!! And the place, marvelous!!! <3 Norway

  11. Hello Renny ! Im happy for you meeting in Telemark ! Look beutifull.
    A big hug


  12. Well, the blues in the video were equalled or surpassed by the other sort of blues, of the sky, lake and river. Beautiful, really beautiful.

  13. It looks like the weather was perfect. The lake and mountains around it are stunning. What a great place to meet friends.

  14. I’m jealous – my reunions are always held in a sterile big city hotel ball room! What a beautiful area, and great description. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Telemark looks really beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your reunion! Like the new layout.

  16. I admire the valuable information you offer in your blog post. Keep up the good work.It is a very special group photo.

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