Autumn has arrived with its characteristic blasts of colour over most of Norway. The hills, forests and mountains are ablaze and waiting to welcome hikers, bikers and all who headed off on a photo hunt like DianeCA, my wife and I last weekend. You see thermometers have dipped below the freezing point at night in the Oslo area and the chill is bound to bring forth even more fall colours, as the greenery of summer gives way to the red and gold of autumn. My mind races to past family trips to see the changing of the colours in the woods, especially along lakes. Let me start with one pic from our trip last weekend to give up an idea:
Forest Fall Colour in Norway #1

On our way by car – just 15 min from home – deeper into the forests and up on the hill, we were met with this fairytale scenery of nature’s colours (click pics to bigify & enjoy):
Forest Fall Colour in Norway #6 Forest Fall Colour in Norway #5

The fall colour of the tree is spectacular, showing brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. This eye-catching occurrence is due to a chemical process that begins as the days get shorter and the temperature drops. At a village and its camping resort by Lake Tyrifjorden (Norway’s fifth largest lake with an area of 137 km2, 295 meters deep at its deepest, and lies 63 meters above sea level), we really got hold of the whole fall colour pallet:
Forest Fall Colour in Norway #8 Forest Fall Colour in Norway #7

During the spring and fall, the leaves use chlorophyll (which gives the green colouring) to capture energy from the sun. When water and carbon dioxide are added to the mix, the trees produce sugars and starch for food. As the temperature drops and the daylight diminishes, the trees stop their food-making process, which causes the chlorophyll to break down and the green pigments to be replaced with oranges and yellows (which were present in small quantities all along).
Enough facts – let’s enjoy the lake windowing this spectacular nature fall paintings:
Forest Fall Colour in Norway #10 Forest Fall Colour in Norway #12
Notice the Kayak below: is it possible to find anything more recreational?
Forest Fall Colour in Norway #13 Forest Fall Colour in Norway #14
Well, fishing for some is quite recreational too:
Forest Fall Colour in Norway #17 Forest Fall Colour in Norway #18

Let me end this colourful report with memories from my family’s weekend expeditions in the good old days. It would mean sweaters, picnic baskets and other gear to make the trip a success. My wife (click here to read her post from the same trip) has obviously had some of the same as this was what she served in these wonderful nature fairytale surroundings:
Forest Fall Colour in Norway #20 Forest Fall Colour in Norway #19Coffee and sandwich ala Diane: Mayo, egg, tomato and mushrooms!

This is what I call a quality time with my wife, in the golden beauty of fall and a good proof of why I love the significant four seasons – to be experienced and explored in the nature; far away from the stressful, urban life – the best way to spend a Sunday and charge you’re batteries.


  1. It’s beautiful, but I’m a summer girl. It’s 6:15 pm and the temperature is 90 degrees. Excellent.

    Glad you had a great time. Big hug to you both. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful fall photos from Norway. I love the colors and the reflection in the water. I also noticed the open faced sandwiches. Maybe if we Americans started eating open faced sandwiches, we would use less bread and lose some weight. One thing I noticed when I visited Norway was how much more active the people are there.

  3. I bet you wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else in this world Renny…it’s beautiful :D

  4. So many beautiful photos! Yes, the fall can offer some really beautiful scenery. We’ve been outdoors enjoying it too. Now they tell us that after this weekend we will get more cloudy weather so better carpe diem! We even saw the first snowflakes today – or more like tiny hails actually.

  5. Thanks for this lovely siteseeing trip into the wilderness. We sure had some adventures ;-) And the results of our photo hunt were fabulous. This must have been the peak weekend for colour!

  6. Wau! What lovely pictures! Amainzing colours! Thanks for sharing.
    Kisses and hugs.

  7. Indeed, long time no see. I know you are very busy.
    I guess it was a hectic year with the blog meet and the networking all over the world.

    I haven’t forgot you either. I still hope to meet you one day in the future.

    Time flies :-( it is indeed already fall… soon winter.
    Those colors of fall are gorgeous! Keep enjoying this quality time with you wife !

  8. I love going out and being in nature on Sundays too. But those sights are truly are something special!!! :)

  9. Hi Renny! Long time no see. Glad that I’m back.

    The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful!! I have always love the golden beauty of Fall which I would not see in tropical Singapore. Great time spent with Diane. Hugs to both of you!

  10. How beautiful, and the reflections in the water make it even more so! I would have so much difficulty leaving that scene. I would want to drink it all in, absorb the beauty.

  11. We are really lucky to have Autumn Days like the ones we have now. Nature is so colourful and beautiful.
    I only wish it was warm enough to take a swim as well, even a kayak or canoe tour is the best transport on lakes. So silent and in pact with nature.

  12. Awesome beauty. And to spend it with your wife, I’m sure, made it that much better!


    My husband and I always promised ourselves a trip to see New England in the fall (we never did, sadly). If we’d known how beautiful Norway perhaps we would have made it! Never mind, I can enjoy your pictures, thank you for sharing them with us.

  14. Definitely love all of these lively colors!!!! We passed by a lake like this on the weekend, so beautiful!!!! And it looks like great Autumn weather!

  15. by the way, the reader is pointing me to a 2006 post on a comment. Very odd! I reloaded and did a few tweaks but still you are listed as not having blogged in a long while..

  16. Woooowww beutiful photos Renny ! I love Norway

    A big hug


  17. Beautiful photos and it’s nice you guys are having fun!

    Btw, I tried to fix everything (tried it with your old theme and even reinstalled WordPress) and I still don’t know why suddenly your RSS is only showing comments. I used almost 5 hours finding a solution, but I couldn’t find it. It’s really frustrating. :(

    • Charles – you have made it know it’s been on the newest post. It says the last post is from me.. hehe I’m famous I guess. :-)

      Ah best solution is to not worry about it and then check it out in a few days or look at the forums and ask them if they have seen this problem occur..

  18. One of the things I can count on from you, Renny, is that you will share what you love about your country and your special outings with the wife you love. :)

  19. If canyon says that autumn is just dark, dreary and grey – show them this!

  20. Autumn is my favorite season, precisely because of scenes like these. Wow, I can’t believe how gorgeous the photos are! And the lunch looks pretty darn good, too….

  21. just so pretty. i have to say autumn is my very favorite season, i think it is the most beautiful and it is the weather i like best. thanks for sharing your lovely fall.

  22. I adore autumn everything is Red and Gold – makes me think of the Eva Cassidy version of Autumn leaves

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