Plan your Stay for best travel adventure

Travelling to Oslo, Norway or any other cities worldwide requires planning to get the most out of it. Some go to libraries or shops for guide books – I love to do it on the net. Browsing around and picking up ideas for attractions, museums, entertainment, restaurants and hotels is great fun. Collecting and saving them for your own guide requires a more systematic approach – but it’s worth it. Sometimes, depending on your destination, you are lucky to find a portal with almost all info and ideas you need on one site, like VisitNorway for the whole country or VisitOSLO for a specific city.

Stay.comA while ago, a good blog friend of mine, Mihaela Lica at Pamil Visions made me aware of (actually a Norwegian startup!) where you create a guide crafted to your personal needs, tastes and destinations. Best of all it can be consulted on your computer or smart phone, or printed out as a pocket-sized pdf-file if you prefer. You may also broadcast the itinerary or parts of it to friends via Facebook and Twitter. Each guide that gets created adds to the library of itineraries available to other users and by that builds up a vault of good ideas for a good time wherever you go in the world.

OsloBG dining on Lille Herbern in the Fjord #9 My connections via my account at TripIt are automatically broadcast on Facebook, so most already know that my wife DianeCA and I are going to Lisbon in November. We will meet up with our blog friends, Helena and her husband (to the right in the picture) who participated in the Oslo Blog Gathering in August. They are preparing and planning a lot for us already, but it was still exciting to check out for ideas of what to explore in the capital of Portugal. Planning ahead is half the fun you know
How about you; how do you prepare and plan for a trip? Share your trip planning ideas here in comments, and maybe check out for yourself.