Graffiti Mariestad turned a silo to the world’s biggest graffiti work of art in 2010. This small and friendly city in Sweden called “Pearl of Lake Vänern”, showed its artistic creativeness this summer. I mean Graffiti often has a reputation as part of a subculture that rebels against authority or society. This however, is a fascinating story about a visionary group in Mariestad’s municipality who wanted to prove their creative capabilities. So during this summer they painted an entire silo and together create a spectacular and colourful work of art. The idea was to turn a building most people would rather see gone – into an interesting art project. This silo is positioned in the towns cosy, small boat harbour and really doesn’t fit in there:
Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #1
The Silo to the right.

So the idea came up to try to turn it into something nice. The project started in May and since Mariestad is where we have our vacation home, we had plenty of time during the summer to see the work of art growing (click small pics to bigify & enjoy):
Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #2 by RennyBA
Quite a contrast: The Church and modern art of Graffiti!
Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #7 by RennyBA Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #6 by RennyBA
Even more interesting when getting closer:
.Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #3 by RennyBA .Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #4 by RennyBA

The artist Carolina Falkholt started the project and in cooperation with Mariestad’s residents, visitors and artists from all over the world they created a vibrant and colourful artwork. Everyone from small children to the older generation, politicians and municipal officials, entrepreneurs and even people who often are considered “outside” society has been involved:
Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #10 by RennyBA Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #12 by RennyBA

Mrs. Falkholt (her FanPage at Facebook) creates graffiti art in different parts of the world: e.g. Calvin Klein has used her art in their marketing and Eminem hired her to create graffiti works in conjunction with a CD release. Now she and many others have transformed this gigantic silo in Mariestad port to a colourful supernova of fantastic art (on the silo and even on the street):
Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #9 by RennyBA Graffiti Mariestad Silo work of Art #11 by RennyBA

Graffiti Mariestad (click for their HomePage) has lasted all summer and culminated in the grand event Speed Art & Design in September. During winter, the silo will be demolished and the masses that remain after the demolition will be the basis for a new nautical city to be built in Mariestad. So stay tuned as I will of course post about this radical transformation; from an ugly silo, through graffiti art and then to a new part of town.

So what do you think of this newer art form? Do the colours inspire you, do you see the talent in their work or does it just look like chaos to your eyes? Leave your thoughts in comments:



    Personally, I love it. After the dull silo construction, the graffiti/art at least makes it an interesting building.

  2. Great idea to use it to show creativeness and I loved how it continued on the street, but IMHO I expected something more when starting to read than I saw in the end result. Don’t ask me why and what, it’s just a feeling. And then I nevertheless think it’s a pity that it will be demolished later for the new buildings when they did so much work with it….

  3. Fscinating – we can say and mean what we mean about the resuly, but it’s better than the old silo.

  4. That is so incredible to liven up boring silos. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  5. Wicked view, love it, but really doubt that is the biggest graffiti artwork in the world,
    I think I saw something much bigger at

  6. Nothing boring at all Renny, in fact to me it is full of vibrancy and hmmm….I think our petrochemical plant silo should be inspired by this then a refinery won’t be a boring place afterall :D

  7. I have to admit I was sceptical to the idea when they first started but I was really impressed by the talent shown in the end result!

  8. Amazing! That’s art to me. There is a huge difference between these graffiti and the little signatures people put everywhere. The former is art and the latter is just dumb IMO.

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    Thank you!

  10. I have always seen graffiti as art, Renny…some better than others, just like with ‘real’ art. This rendition is most interesting and gives recognition, perhaps, to those who would never be noticed otherwise.

  11. It’s a very interesting art experiment!So colourful and creative! I love it!Nothing to see with the inscriptions everywhere!!

  12. wow that’s amazing that she can draw like that on the huge surface. Very interesting post Renny ^_^x

  13. I showed this pictures to my father because he’s a designer. Then he liked a lot!!!!!!

  14. How cool is that project. Thanks for sharing.

  15. There are now plans for a continuation of the project, really its as if the silos were the pilot project for what might come in 2011.

  16. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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