Dona Nobis Pacem is A Blog Blast for Peace

Social Media like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg and more – are empowering people – you and me! This is much more than the importance of “freedom of the press” (which some places might be an illusion!) since we more and more seem to trust in personal recommendations than official or commercial statements. The effectiveness of “word of mouth” recommendations have increased dramatically through Social Media. It’s the viral network were people are sharing information, collaborating on topics of interest, and networking on the internet in ways not previously imaginable. Let’s see some statistics:
* 2/3 of the world’s Internet population visit a social network or blog site weekly
* 250+ million people visit the top 25 social networks each month
* Facebook alone has 500+ million active users
* Social media Internet traffic has exceeded adult entertainment sites
* Time spent visiting Social media sites now exceeds time spent emailing

The Peace Globe project:
To me as an extensive networker, these are important tools professionally as well as personally: to collaborate, share knowledge, participate and make friends. Some say we should teach the world’s leaders and politicians how to blog. I don’t know if that’s a good idea – I mean at least some of them have made enough of a mess of things already. So let US do it then: Prove that blogging empowers US to make a better world. Each of our posts are small steps, but when hundreds – thousands – say millions move in the same direction; who could stop us? – For the very best course! That’s why I participate in today’s Dona Nobis Pacem (= Grant Us Peace):
RennyBA's Dona Nobis Pacem 2010

The Peace Globe project began in the fall of 2006 with a simple post from Mimi Lenox Bloggingham Palace. The post ignited a flame in the blogosphere. The flame became a passion. The passion became a movement. It amazingly travelled from blog to blog across the globe until it has now reached 38 countries nearly every state. This year, more bloggers from more countries will take part, and it will expand to newer Social Media (click to check this project’s FB Page!). So join us today and display your globe in a post on Your blog, Facebook Wall and Tweet it – use the hash-tags #peace and #blogpeace and #donanobispacem to keep us organized and viral!

Blogging Connecting People:
My regular readers know this saying of mine and also that I really think we should “Make Blogs – not Wars”. I genuinely believe that all social media sharing phenomena brake down at least some religious, political and cultural barriers as reading about what others think or believe in or want to share and make a better understanding between people.

I have never experienced anything as effective in connecting people across the world as blogging. I have been writing RennyBA’s Terella for almost 5 years now and have met many amazing people and I myself am more aware of happenings across the world today because of the friends I have made in the blogsphere… and I am old enough to know when something is revolutionizing the globe – I am 58 years old today. Blogging for Peace; what a good way to celebrate!

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  1. Yes, what a great way to celebrate your birthday!
    Hapy birthday!
    I feel honored for joining you in the Blog Blast for Peace and also for being a part of your blogosphere friends.
    Cheers, dear friend!
    I wish you a very happy and long life, full of joy!

  2. Totally agree, Renny! Through the connections we are making on the Internet, we are able to achieve things we could never have done before!

    Great Post!

    Have a peaceful day x

      1. Your peace post is now linked in my blog: Peace Bloggers Unite

        btw..Mimi says we shall always be having BB4P on 4th November now, so I should be able to remember your birthday very easily :-)

  3. I too join your Blog Blast for Peace and also, more importantly, wish you a very happy birthday :-)

  4. Happy birthday Renny !! Gratulerer ! Feliz cumpleaños !

    I hope you have a happy day with Diane and your loved ones. I wish you the best in the world to this day and this year more.
    A big bear hug Renny


  5. Beautiful Renny! And a belated Happy Birthday to you!
    What a lovely lovely peace globe and post. I so look forward to your contribution each year.
    You are an original peace blogger from way back in the day.

    What you said about social connections is sooo true. Aren’t we blessed to have that opportunity?

    You are #2029 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery at blogblastforpeace.com

    Thank you for blogging for peace,

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