Hot red beach at night is a Scandinavian delight

Pure and natural elements are all exposed on a beach if you add red sky; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. It reminds me of an old sailor’s saying: “Red at night sailor’s delight, red in the morning sailors take warning“. That’s what I experienced one evening on our favourite beach at our vacation home in Mariestad – another quality time with my wife – and I tried to capture the magic moment:
Red beach night Scandinavian delight - by RennyBA#1

I’m fascinated by the nature and its recreational effect if you take the time to soak in the atmosphere. Is there a better way to charge you’re batteries? Away from the urban stress, the traffic jam and the noisy mall – the beauty in the scenery is abundant (click pics to bigify and enjoy):
Red beach night Scandinavian delight - by RennyBA #2 Red beach night Scandinavian delight - by RennyBA #4
Ducks swimming under the red evening sky
Red beach night Scandinavian delight - by RennyBA #5 Red beach night Scandinavian delight - by RennyBA #8
The endless waves & the path into eternity

In the old times the sailors dependent of the weather and had great respect for nature in its various forms of expression. Long before meteorologists had sophisticated technology to help them predict the weather the sailors made forecasts based on their observations of the sky, animals and nature. The scientific explanation is of course that in the northern hemisphere weather usually moves from west to east:
Fronts which are usually associated with rain have high clouds with them too. As the sun rises in the east, sunlight is reflected by clouds in the west. Because of the way light bends through the atmosphere the light will be red. This will make the clouds in the west, that are heading our way, red. A front is approaching and will usually bring rain.

The significant four seasons:
No matter the science – what fascinates me is the recreational effect and that goes for the significant four seasons too. During the years I have taken photos of this favourite beach of ours many times and in all seasons. The one above was taken this fall in November. Here is some other examples from summer, winter and fall again:
Ekudden Beach - by RennyBA #8
Hot, blue summer beach in June
Fall at Lake Vänern in Sweden - by RennyBA #2 Winter at Lake Vänern in Sweden - by RennyBA #1
Left: Fall 2009 – Right: Winter 2010

One of the best parts of living in Scandinavia is the changing of the seasons and experiencing the nature at different times of year, different times of day and throughout different periods of our lives. Sharing this quality time with my wife doubles the pleasure as she loves the seasons as much as I do and understands my joy in the change and variety. I hope this inspired you to go out and enjoy the nature where you are – to recharge your batteries and enjoy the natural beauty all around us.