Built on the foundations of the 13th century monastery church: Convento dos Frades Tinos (destroyed by the 1755 earthquake), Cervejaria Trindade is a combination German beer hall, Portuguese tavern and restaurant. In operation since 1836, it’s the oldest in Lisbon and owned by the brewers of Sagres beer. It is surrounded by beautifully tiled walls: this mosaic is typical for Portugal – with scenes of themes from natures four elements on one side and the four seasons on the other (click pick to bigify & enjoy):
Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #1 by RennyBA Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #2 by RennyBA

It was in this beautiful and historical establishment we had the first dinner on our trip to Lisbon. The trip was an eye-opener and a journey through Portugal’s culture and history, well conducted by Helena and Louise, a couple from Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 who became friends for life. I’ll get back to that, but let’s first take a closer look at Cervejaria Trindade – at this time of the year of course elegantly decorated for Christmas:
Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #4 by RennyBA Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #5 by RennyBA

These scenes and ornamental tiles are made of wonderful glazed tile-panels or azulejos, dated from 1863 and signed by Luís Ferreira. Also quite famous are the walls decorated with small stone mosaics inspired in the fantastic calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese pavement), signed by the renowned artist Maria Keil (with works in some of the subway stations in Lisbon).

Located downtown, close to several attractions, Trindade boasts a spacious bar and a restaurant where the decor complements the food. Many Portuguese diners prefer the bife na frigideira (steak with mustard sauce and a fried egg, served in a clay frying pan), but the tavern also features excellent seafood and Helena helped us select the very best 3 course dinner. I let you join us in trust of that photos says more than a thousand words:
Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #10 by RennyBA Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #8 by RennyBA
Left: The Seafood display – Right: Traditional Portuguese potato and vegetable soup

Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #7 by RennyBA
Main course: selections from the sea

Blog meeting at CervejariaTrindade #9 by RennyBA
Dessert: Portuguese cream, almond and egg pudding topped with cinnamon.

Excellent hosts they showed us every detail of the area and even followed us back to the hotel which is located in an old section of town known as Chiado. We also greeted the famous poet Fernando Pessoa in front of A Brasileira, even if he wasn’t that talkative late at night:

Luis and I greeting Fernando Pessoa
Luis and I greeting Fernando Pessoa

This was a five day trip with many highlights so stay tuned for more adventures in the Portuguese capital with our local host Lelé Batita and Luis.


  1. How fun. I love those tiles. As for the food. I would go for the seafood as well. That looks divine. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. :)

  2. I’m speechless with your precision in collecting all informations so well! It seems you know even better than portuguese people many things about our culture.
    I feel proud for having conducted you in this adventure and I hope those memories may stand forever as sweet as they seem to be now.
    Kisses and hugs.

  3. Fantastic meeting whit Luis and Helena !
    Nice photos !
    Big hug


  4. Excellent report and of course Seafood when in Portugal;)

  5. Oh, yes, the mosaic, we saw much of that while in Portugal – love it! The dinner look really FRESH – not only the seafood, but the rest too.

  6. When I went to Lisbon last year I had a great time, the food is incredible good. Also I wanted to mention that your logo looks very much with the one from Pepsi.

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