Dreaming of a White Christmas in Norway

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas, you’ve come to the right place – virtually as well as literary. In Norway, we’ve had some real good winter weather for almost a month now followed by some snow – just like it was in the good old days : -)
Leaving the house late morning the other day, I was met by this scenery – and with my Nokia N8 Mobile at hand, I can share with you:
Dreaming White Christmas in Norway #2
Not a lot of snow, but a clear blue sunny day with fresh crisp air!

This took me down memory lane from the days of my childhood when even the adults were frolicking and building snowmen. I don’t know about you, but I often reminisce about how winters used to be much snowier when we were kids – those were the days. Snow is beautiful, and everyone loves it – at least at Yuletide:
Dreaming White Christmas in Norway #1 Dreaming White Christmas in Norway #3

I guess nothing in weather is romanticized more than a white Christmas. If we were to credit one person with making us dream of a white Christmas in 20th- and 21st- century; it would surely fall to a certain white-bearded, weight-challenged superstar of the Nordic Arctic north. Besides: A lot of songs sing wistfully of sleigh rides in new fallen snow, and delightfully frightful weather and the movies are filled with large fluffy snowflakes that turn stark villages into magical white kingdoms but somehow never interrupt the joyous green- and red-clad travellers.

My reasons for wanting snow for the holidays is even more related to our family going to great lengths to keep traditions of winters past, doing the same things in the same way year after year, stemming from childhood traditions related to cold and snow. So that’s why I had to use my mobile phone, trying to capture the atmosphere (the three pics above) and share some of why I am dreaming of a White Christmas – or Yuletide in my memories (a pic from winter 2000 on a lake):
Dreaming White Christmas in Norway #4
Combine that with a child’s natural love of snow and ice — with skating, snowmen, skiing, sled rides and hot chocolate — and it’s no surprise that children want snow at Christmas. I guess I’ve never really grown up, and I intend to stay that way!
How about you: Dreaming of a white Christmas too? Or maybe winter memories to share with us in comment?