Happy New Year from Norway Winter Wonderland

Its Happy New Year greetings time again, to open a new book with blank pages and put my own words on them. The book – or in my case blog – is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. I could write about New Year’s Resolutions, New Year Greeting Cards, New Year’s Day Messages etc., but have decided to concentrate on a look at New Year’s Eve and traditions – ours then; To make it short, in photos:
Sunset in Winter Wonderland #1 by RennyBA Drive through Winter Wonder Land #1 by RennyBA
Beautiful sunrise or sunset & driving through Winter Wonderland
Lobster New Year Eve dinner #1 by RennyBA, on Flickr New Years Eve Fireworks Box by RennyBA, on Flickr
Seafood dinner with champagne & setting off fireworks

The Holiday season is the time for traditions; same procedure as years before make it kind of special and helps to bring back memories. For the last decade, ours have been to visit family the 1st day of Christmas (for the Yule Smorgasbord, click to read my post about the feast of traditional food: Norwegian Christmas Day Smorgasbord). Next stop is our vacation home in Sweden to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There are three important ingredients in the celebration; a week off, lobster dinner with champagne and of course setting off our own fireworks. How we buy it and do it is to be read in my post: .

New Years Greetings in a nutshell:
New Year greetings 2011With my Nokia N8 mobile phone at hand, a lot of help and inspiration from my wife Diane – and her Nokia X6 – plus a movie maker program, we have taken photos and videos and mixed it all into a New Year cocktail: Shaken but not stirred – From my wife and me : -)

It’s on YouTube of course, so turn up you’re speakers, relax & sit back to enjoy:

Thank you all for the many good times in 2010 and from all of me, to all of you: Happy New Year – hope to see you around soon ; -)