Golden sky and other Natural Wonders of the seasons in Norway

Golden sky of Natural Wonders in Norway #1 Wonders of nature like a golden red sky combined with the significant four seasons in Norway never stops fascinating me. Sometimes showing off, natural phenomena looks more spectacular than it explains, but let’s take the scientific approach first – why is the sky sometimes red in the morning or evening?
Well, it’s as simple as higher frequency light gets scattered more easily and what that means is the gas in the atmosphere is better at changing the direction of blue light (higher frequency) than red light (lower frequency). So imagine you are looking straight at the sun it emits both blue and red light. However, if you think of the angle between you and the sun during sunrise or set, the light rays have to travel through a lot more atmosphere to get to you, so there is more chance for the atmosphere to strip out the blue light and send it some other direction. Therefore, the sun looks much redder.

At a meeting just outside of Oslo city, from their office window, I bore witness to one of the Great Wonders of Nature – such beautiful a sunrise that it brought goose bumps to my skin. Most of my colleagues and associates know about my blog and how I shamelessly brag about our nature, so there was actually one of them who made me aware of this scenery and suggested that I shoot it with my Nokia mobile phone. This inspired to write this post and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, combining some photos and reflections of the significant four seasons in Norway (click pics to bigify & enjoy).

From snowy winter wonderland to hot beaches:
Golden sky of Natural Wonders in Norway #2 Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #5
Below the horizon in the pic to the left, is the same beach and hillsides in the background as in the pic to the right. Looking at it this way, I would say the nature changes significantly : -)

From joy on ice to summer fountain:
My regular readers have seen this recreational area in front of Oslo Parliament and how it changes from being a spring fountain in the summertime to a skate rink in the winter time:
Oslo Fountain #6
I take it you recognize the seasonal differences : -)
Oslo Skate Rink in Winter Wonderland #1 Oslo Skate Rink in Winter Wonderland #2

Winter Morning Rush:
Of course the winter season brings some challenges: On our way to work the other day, my wife and I took the car for a change. We had some extra snow at night and it continued in the early morning. So now it was DianeCA my wife, who said: we have to try to capture this and share it with our friends in blogsphere! So here you go: Morning rush in Winter Wonderland:
Morning Rush in Norway Winter Wonderland #2 Morning Rush in Norway Winter Wonderland #1

Here in Norway we love our sunny summer days as much as the snowy winters and this one has been a white beauty. We have had a good old fashioned winter with plenty of fluffy white snow. The earth has now turned on its axis and we are moving towards brighter days and warmer months. We are looking forward to that as much as we do the wintertime. You can’t really appreciate one season without the other. I know many others around the world have had a snowy winter this year. Feel free to leave us some of your experiences in the comments.