OsloBG Winter Reunion at Dubliner Folk Pub in Norway

OsloBG2010 at RennyBALike rings in the water, The Oslo Blog Gathering has connected people and left its traces in the form of friendship. OsloBG took place in August 2010 where friends in the Blogsphere from all over the world could meet each other in person and experience some of the local attractions, explore the city and learn about Norway’s history, culture and traditions. From the official guest list you may click to read some the posts from their adventure and experience!

The OsloBG girls night out:
OsloBG Reunion at Dubliner in Norway #7 Some of the participants from August 2010 were expats – moving from their homelands to live with their loved ones in Norway – and people with similar experiences often stick together. Like last Saturday, Karen arranged a girly girls party at The Dubliner Irish Folk Pub in Oslo to catch up as well as share good memories from last summer. My wife DianeCA was one of them and I gave her a ride to the pub at 2PM. As you can see from the pic, I dropped in just to say hello and get my hugs and a photo, but then I returned home to play with my gadgets toys while the girls had girl talk in the bar: -)

The Girls let the Boys in:
At 7PM I got a text message from my wife: “They are letting the guys in!” I would say that was on offer no one could refuse, so I took a quick shower, grabbed a taxi and was there in 30 minutes. I guess no one would blame me – maybe rather envy me (pics are worth more a thousand word – click to bigify & enjoy):
OsloBG Reunion at Dubliner in Norway #8 OsloBG Reunion at Dubliner in Norway #9
Left: Tressa, Karen & Sara – Right: Diane, Corrine, me & Karla
These are pics borrowed from Tressa, you should hop over to her blog and read about these adventures from her perspective!

Lots of talking, fun, meeting new people and doing some crazy things – describes the evening with the girls in a nut shell. Since I often shot pics of them, they also took some revenge:
OsloBG Reunion at Dubliner in Norway #5 OsloBG Reunion at Dubliner in Norway #6
After a Guinness that size, I needed a cigar (no smoking inside, so I went in the snowy back yard ; -)

The JIGs Concert:
Every weekend the Dubliner offers a live concert this time it was Mick, Kevin and David in the group called JIG:
OsloBG Reunion at Dubliner in Norway #4
We loved their performance and like Tressa said (read her post!): I am pretty sure the Dubliner would have to be my favourite bar in Norway. It was SO nice to have people speaking English all night, & the Norwegians who were there… were all interested in where we were from & even better.. speaking ENGLISH.. yahoo…
I hope she still feels that way after watching the vid I mixed up after shooting some more pics and a couple film sequences with my Nokia N8 Mobile phone:

I am so happy to see that many of our guests have become friends with each other and keep in touch after OsloBG is long over. It shows how much we have in common and that blogging really is connecting people – every day!