A Brighter than White Day in Norway Winter Wonderland

In Oslo, Norway at 60° North and 6 hours of daylight at the winter solstice in December, you sometimes look for signs to brighten up your day. You could look up in the sky for a astronomic phenomena, like “White Dwarfs”: After the outer layers of a star are ejected, the mass of the remaining material is usually too small to provide enough pressure to maintain nuclear temperatures in the hydrogen burning shell, and the remnant star rapidly contracts to form a white dwarf — a star with a mass similar to the Sun, but a diameter similar to that of the Earth.
However, brighter signs are all around you – if you act like The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince); It’s quite simple, he explains: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes….. You have to see with your heart, and take a moment to appreciate the lovely planet you have. Luckily I see with my heart and have my Nokia N8 on hand so I can share one mornings treasures with you:
A Brighter than White Day in Norway #0A
This is a Panorama photo made up of 4, automatically done by my Nokia mobile phone. Here you see them separately:
A Brighter than White Day in Norway #1 A Brighter than White Day in Norway #2
I would say a day brighter than white!
A Brighter than White Day in Norway #3 A Brighter than White Day in Norway #4

Sparkling Winter photo hunt:
This wonderful view from our living room – or my home office if you like (as long as I have my puter & mobile phone) – was what brightened up my morning last week and I could not resist grabbing my Nokia and went crazy shooting picks..much to my neighbours amusement. It’s always easier to make good pics with great lightening like this:
A Brighter than White Day in Norway #8 A Brighter than White Day in Norway #10
Sparkling Winter photo shoot!
A Brighter than White Day in Norway #12 A Brighter than White Day in Norway #13

A Golden Bright Sunset:
This was a wonderful day with clear, blue sky and fresh, crisp air – ended its perfection with a golden beauty of a sunset:
A Brighter than White Day in Norway #0B
Again a panoramic photo taken around 3:15PM as the sun was about to set. During the next hour, I captured some more magic views:
A Brighter than White Day in Norway #20 A Brighter than White Day in Norway #27

The Movie: Brighter than White:
After looking through the pics (35 saved out of 150) – just out of the blue – the melody; A Whiter Shade of Pale was playing in my mind. So one thing led to another as I love to experiment in multimedia and a movee was born. I know I have a way to go to call it brilliant, and it was great fun making this presentation:

One of the wonderful things about blogging is while I may never become a famous movie director or a photograph for National Geographic – I still have the opportunity to share my experiments with an audience. This encourages me to take these impromptu photo sessions, and put together movies, and learn and experience new things. None of this would be any fun without anyone to share it with. So thanks for clicking in and giving me a reason to keep on being my crazy photographing, video making, social media self!
What does blogging encourage you to do? Share your thoughts and your winter experiences in the comments!

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  1. You are right not a lot of Peopel can see with there Heart , i do agree to that ! Some even forgot they have one :( Your Photos are Beautiful keep it up please :) i LOVE to see ! Thank you !!!

  2. Blogging has become my main source of collecting and organizing my life, Renny, especially the parts that are memories for me. It’s what diaries used to be but without images…or scrapbooks without many words. I guess our blogs have synthesized diaries and scrapbooks into a new level of discourse and art. What would we do without them! And look at how much smaller the world has become because of them!

  3. Great photos, thank you so much for this and all your blogging efforts. Just one of your lurkers who checks you regularly. When I need to cheer up here in the Oslo winter I get outside and do whatever, then come back in and cook something! Then I and my Sweetie snuggle up on the couch with a movie…works every time!

  4. Renny,
    As an American Norwegian… and a Bakke… your blog makes me think I need to make a visit to Norway. I cannot imagine only six hours of sun. It is beautiful there. I suppose you like the warmth of being together.
    Let me know how you are my friend…


  5. What a beautiful post Renny!!!Who could appreciate it better than a Mediterranean girl who loves snow because the landscapes are so exotic for her!!! :-)
    Did you know the little Prince is in my heart for my childwood?!

  6. I say, we are really lucky to have 4 distinctive Seasons, and all of them have their charm; unless when the Nature follows it’s own, unpredictable paths…

    btw. I have somethimes difficulties commenting here on your blog. Your server?

  7. Renny,
    Your video was wonderful. You captured the magic of winter light and I could feel myself relax as I wathced the video. Thank you for “seeing” with your heart and sharing the pictures with us.

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