Sunset and Sunrise in Norway Winter Wonderland

RennyBA’s Terella is about the significant four seasons and how we enjoy each of them in Norway, right now; the Winter Wonderland. The love of being outdoors and exploring the nature is an important part of this, including the fascination of the colourful scenery at sunset and sunrise. It never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and splendour; artistically painted on the sky with great diversity – dark and brooding or mysterious and colourful – I can’t help trying to capture the spirit as often I can;
SunSet in Norway Winter Wonderland #3 SunRise in Norway Winter Wonderland #10
The Beauty in wintertime of Left: Sunset – Right: Sunrise : -)
SunSet in Norway Winter Wonderland #10 SunRise in Norway Winter Wonderland #9

Panoramic Sunrise Scenery:
Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “as the days lengthen, the cold strengthens”. For the next few weeks, this will be the case. Even more; this time of the year – two months after winter solstice and the shortest day of the year – we have 9 ½ hours of daylight in Oslo. That is almost 4 hours more than the shortest day of the year back in December. This additional daylight is not going to help us in the temperature department, but who cares with a morning view from the living room in the second floor like this:
SunRise in Norway Winter Wonderland #1
Taken with my Nokia N8 mobile phone. On top: the panoramic photo automatically mounted as one from the individual four photos beneath.

Slideshow for the love of Sunrise & set:
All this glory of a sunset & rise gives a spirit of wonder and joy, hard to explain with photos alone. That is why I like to experiment with mixing them in a slideshow adding some text and royalty free music. So please take a tour with me of some beautiful sunsets and rises from Norway the Winter Wonderland and marvel at the beauty of what nature create:

As many have read over the years I am really an outdoor enthusiast. I think that the nature around us gives us opportunities more than challenges. It gives us the opportunity to experience beauty beyond anything man could ever create, and to enjoy recreation in the fresh air which makes us feel alive. I hope you will get an opportunity to enjoy the nature wherever you are as the weekend approaches, and please feel free to share your experiences in the comments on my blog.