Oslo Holmenkollen Ski Jump preparing for OSL2011 #1 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2011 started today in Oslo and will include 21 competitions within Cross-Country, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined as well as a variety of cultural events. It’ll take place at The Holmenkollen Ski Jumping Hill – the third best known sporting arena in the world, after Wimbledon and Wembley.
Since the first event in 1892, Holmenkollen ski jump has been re-developed on no less than 18 occasions. Even in its second year, work commenced on developing and improving the ski jump. In 1914, the first tower was erected, ‘Tower of Babel’. For the Olympic Games in Oslo in 1952, permanent grandstands and a judge’s tower were built and during the Championships of 1966 and 1982 the facility was further extended. Following these changes, only small alterations have been made before the current major re-development for the Oslo2011. I was there for the trial WSC in 2010 and took plenty of photos (click all pics to enlarge & enjoy) – here some spectators:
Oslo Holmenkollen Ski Jump preparing for OSL2011 #8 Oslo Holmenkollen Ski Jump preparing for OSL2011 #9
The arena has previously hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1930, 1966, 1982 and now 2011 as well as annual Biathlon World Cup races.

Advantage of Social Media sharing:
My regular readers knows I’m above average in Social Media activities. As a network evangelist, I love to share and be inspired of others – like I often say: It’s a Givers Gain! It occurs in many ways and in this case, two of the pics I took in Holmenkollen last year (posted about and shared on Flickr) has become “famous” in Norway:
New Holmenkollen Ski Jump Oslo2010 - Repost #1 New Holmenkollen Ski Jump Oslo2010 - Repost #2

Sausages: Kollen Grill & Wiener:
One of Norwegian food companies, Gilde, who make sausages or hotdogs, wanted to use one of the photos for their Holmenkollen sausage collection and the result:
RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #1 RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #2
Left: Boil Hotdog (or wieners) – Right: Grill Hotdog – the word “Kollen” in the name is of course a direct reference to Holmenkollen. As locals call the ski jump Kollen for short.

The picture is now to be seen all over Norway; at gas stations, local groceries, in newspapers e.g.:
RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #9 RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #10
RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #3
RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #12 RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #7

Nora homemade Jam:
Another food company; Stabburet, who makes jam (made from old, traditional Norwegian recipe) asked for permission to use the other and they promote their Holmenkollen collection in newspapers:
RennyBA's photos in Oslo2011 #6

Follow RennyBA & DianeCA on Oslo2011:
The companies above have of course paid for the use of my photos. This has not made me a millionaire but of course I am very proud to see them all over the country! The best payment I received was in addition 4 VIP tickets to the World Championship in Nordic Ski events. So we will be reporting from the atmosphere and activities in the coming days. There will be a lot happening here in Oslo winter sport capital so stay tuned!
Oslo Holmenkollen Ski Jump preparing for OSL2011 #13
Holmenkollen spirit: Kollen is especially known for its sportsmansly atmosphere and its famous “Kollen roar”.


  1. That’s pretty cool, you are a famous photographer now! I know how much you like ski, so this is a perfect match of leisure and work ;-)

  2. Congratulations, Renny! :D

    You and Diane look great.

    I agree with Zhu: you are a famous photographer now ;).

    Keep up the good work, my friend.


  3. I’m proud to tell my friends:
    I know the person that took the Photo everytime I see the posters and commercials for the products in matter.
    Congrats Renny.
    I like this post, so I simply had to make a link to it from my latest (Downtown Oslo with Ice and Snow Sculptures inspired by the works of Edvard Munch).

    And congrats to Sweden and Norway, who won the first two Gold Medals. It’s Nordic Ski, right?

  4. There’s definitely as much fun to be had during the summer as during the winner. Congrats on your successful photography! And I love those beautiful sweaters …

  5. Wow! Just incredible! Great pictures and wonderful sport event.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS, indeed, Renny! :)

  7. That’s great news Renny! And of course, they’re excellent photos :-)

    It’s always very satisfying when your pics can be used in some way. Our photos has too, in several different occasions.

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