OsloBG2010 at RennyBASocial Media like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn etc connecting people and brought 30 participants from all over the world to the Oslo Blog Gathering in August 2010. A lot more would have loved to join us and some promised to come later to explore and have a taste of Oslo and Norway; our culture, history, traditions and habits. Two of them have taken our word for it – Blog friends are always welcome to meet up with us in Oslo – Ginnie and Astrid from the Netherlands arrives tonight! We are all very excited: My wife and me as well as Tor and his wife Anna!

In Soul – Ginnie’s blog:
In Soul - GinnieI met Ginnie in Blogsphere almost 6 years ago. Actually it was through ExpatTravels -From Switzerland to Canada, one of my very first blog friend. I know they have met some years ago in Canada when Ginnie still lived in her homeland; Georgia, US. Now it’s our turn and we can always hope that our next visitors in Oslo will be ET, her husband and new born baby : -)
I’m happy I met Ginnie of course, but sorry it was just a couple of months after she had have a short cruise landing in Oslo. Already when we blog met, she promised to come back to visit us and tonight, tonight it’ll happens!

What to explore for 4 days in Oslo?
There are plenty of options of course and we have had some mail exchange about our suggestions and their interests. One of theirs are the Mini Cruise on the Oslo Fjord:
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #4 Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #12
Left: The Town Hall – Right: Fram & the Maritime Museum at Bygdøy island.

I had planned to tell about all the other options, but now it’s time to go to Oslo Central Station to pick them up from the Airport Express train : -)


  1. Fabulous!!! I wish you all a great great time together!!!

  2. Be your friends wellcome in Oslo!

  3. Me too! As we were, so happy!

  4. I’m jumping for joy with excitement, especially after I heard they were visiting. And yes Ginnie and I met in 2006 when I lived in North Vancouver.

    The weekend adventure does sound like so much fun! And yes of course one day we want to visit. I just don’t know when that one day will be!

    It is amazing how we have met and how close all of us have been to meeting each other and how close we all have things in common.

    I cannot wait to see more posts from the adventures. :)

  5. Friday evening and Saturday was a great and unforgetable time together with Ginnie and Astrid in Renny and Dianes Home. Hugs from Anna.
    Saturday ended up not as expected; I’ll post soon on my blog.(Don’t worry, we are in good Health and even better Friends than ever before)

  6. Enjoy the time together ! Im jelous jajaja
    Big hug for you and Diane


  7. That’s really nice and I’m excited to meet them this next Saturday here in Bergen!

  8. We are having so much fun, Renny (and Diane)! As I have already said, you’re all BETTER than we were expecting, and that’s the fun of it. We already have so many memories and pictures of our two full days with you…and now our third day today, Sunday, before we fly to Kirkenes tomorrow. I had NO CLUE Charles lived in Bergen, so we have yet another blogger friend to meet. We are so darn lucky! :)

  9. Yes, simply fabulous! I know you all have FUN :-)))))

  10. Now our guests have come and gone and our house is a bit empty. I am looking forward to seeing your view of our good times together with these special guests!

  11. Hey Renny,

    Those are fantastic news: I hope you guys have loads of fun (the kind that only and Diane can provide) :D!


  12. Next trip is to New York for me. Maybe not exotic, but very exciting. Thumbs up!

  13. i want to take that mini cruise on the Oslo Fjord in the future…following your blog in google friend connect..

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