Magical Bob Dylan concert at Oslo Spectrum in Norway

Bob Dylan is in Norway again! Thursday at a concert in Oslo Spectrum, the 70 years old legend proved that rock and roll never gets old and that you are never too old to rock! He is a cultural mirror of musical and cultural history and a walking soundtrack to many, especially us in the 68-generation. So attending this magic musical event was truly another quality time with my wife and you’re welcome to join in this review. I had my Nokia N8 at hand of course, trying to capture the moment (in quite a long distance and difficult lightening) – let’s start with the anticipation; a sold out crowd waiting for their idol to take the stage:
Bob Dylan concert in Oslo Spectrum #2 Bob Dylan concert in Oslo Spectrum #1
We didn’t exactly get the best seats in the house, but they were perfect for a panorama view – enjoy!
Bob Dylan concert in Oslo Spectrum #3
As he enters the stage, it is impossible to not to like rock culture. The sound is solid and clear, and style of the music takes us back to the decade before the evening’s legend had his breakthrough – something that comes with the beat generation. Again, here is a (long distance) peek:
Bob Dylan concert in Oslo Spectrum #8 Bob Dylan concert in Oslo Spectrum #7
It has never been easy to understand all the words when Dylan sings his style is very different from mainstream musicians, and of course age has made his voice even more rusty : -), but if you know the lyrics, one is ready to absorb the variety in tone, sound, rhythm and even time in his unique repertoire – here is the list:

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (1966) – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (1965) – Things Have Changed (2000) – Tangled Up in Blue (1975) – Beyond Here Lies Nothing (2009) – Simple Twist Of Fate (1975) – High Water (for Charlie Patton) (2001) – Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (1997) – Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (2001) – Desolation Row (1965) – Highway 61 Revisited (1965) – Forgetful Heart (2009) – Thunder On The Mountain (2006) – Ballad Of A Thin Man (1965) – Extra: Like A Rolling Stone (1965) – All Along The Watchtower (1967) – Blowin’ In The Wind (1963)

We had never been to a Bob Dylan concert before and decided to take the chance now. We were impressed by the variety of the music being most familiar with his top hits from the late 60s and 70s. We were surprised by the bluesy feel of his newer music, and the advanced composition of the music. We saw for us the folk singer with his guitar and harmonica when we ordered the tickets, what we got was a much more complex varied and mature musical experience then we expected.

Souvenirs – a t-shirt?
Both outside the concert hall as well as inside, you could buy Bob Dylan effects of course and I guess the t-shirts were the most popular:
Bob Dylan concert in Oslo Spectrum #5 Bob Dylan concert in Oslo Spectrum #4
I was tempted of course and so was my wife, but 300 NOK (38 €) was a bit expensive we thought. However on the way out the street venders had reduced their price to 100 NOK, and with a bit of haggling we finally arrived at the price of 50 NOK (about 6 €) discretely exchanged so the others in the crowd didn’t see what I paid.

Bob Dylan is a must hear more than a must see, and especially to hear him live in concert. So if he happens to tour in your local area, give yourself a chance for a magical evening with a living legend and get the proof: Rock and Roll never gets old and that you are never too old to Rock!