4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #5The 26th annual American Independence Day 4th of July celebration in Oslo’s Vigeland Frogner Park was a grand success! The American Coordinating Council of Norway (ACCN) arranges this celebration every year and we just love to participate. Like Norway’s Constitution Day the 17th of May, a national holiday is in many ways like a family reunion. Then it’s easy to imagine – living abroad – the feeling of being homesick on such a day, but those who were in Frogner Park really seemed to consider Oslo their “home away from home”. No wonder when you look at the keywords in the invitation: Great Food – Family Entertainment – Crafts – Book Sale – Bring Your Friends – Fun for everyone – Raffle with fantastic prizes including 6 Round-Trip tickets to the U.S.
Or if you look at the girls in the top left who willingly posed when I was hunting for some “Typical Americans” ; -)

So my American wife and I were there and with my Nokia N8 at hand, I’ll gladly share some highlights with you – starting at the grand opening on the stage (click pic to bigify):
4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #3 4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #4
Left: Marine honour guard presenting the American flag – Right: Guest of honour: deputy mayor Mrs. Aud Kvalbein gives her speech.
4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #2 4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #1

Diverse booths were set up giving information and special offers to Americans abroad and Norwegians as well, like this one manned by the US Embassy. The opening ceremony was begun with a speech by the American Ambassador to Norway, Barry White (beside him is his wife Eleanor) and of course I had to greet him and thank him for sharing one of his lovely citizens with me!!
4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #8 4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #6

American food feast:
Before I show you some photos, here is the menu: Hamburgers • Hotdogs • BBQ • Chili • Ice Cream • Yogurt • American Lutheran Church manned the Coca Cola stand • American Women’s Club dished up lots of great America cookies • Sons of Norway offered waffles & sloppy Joes (not together thankfully) • Plus lots more goodies to feast on! We stood in the very long line for homemade, handmade freshly grilled cheeseburgers – fantastic!
4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #12 4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #9
Hamburgers left – sloppy Joes right
4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #11 4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #10
Cookies and ice tea

Street Cars Norway:
Once again this year, Street Cars Norway had an exhibition behind the stage and Thomas Følling (SCNs President) awarded prizes in 7 categories – Lucky one: a place in Oslo Motor Show 2011 in October!
An impressive exhibition I would say and quite American too – or what do you think:
4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #14
First a panoramic view – then: …….

4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #15 4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #18
…… some of the beauties in details ; -)
4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park #16 4th of July in Oslo Vigeland Park # #17

The atmosphere was truly an American 4th of July celebration with all the trimmings. There were lots of happy families everywhere with good music and good food, plus fun for all ages. It was apparent that many American families feel themselves at home in Oslo. We finished off the day in our traditional way with Diane’s grilled ribs, corn on the cob and lots of grilled vegetables. I want to wish all my American friends and family a Very Happy 4th of July!


  1. Fantastic celebration! So festive!

  2. Congratulations to lovely Diane! Kisses and hugs!

  3. I would want to be there! I imagine Diane enjoyed this marvelous celebration in Oslo!

  4. American hotdogs! I always wanted one :)

  5. Hell yes, i fail write something like this but didnt have time, may i repost this Norway 4th of July celebration in Oslo Vigeland Park

  6. Looks great. Glad to know that the event is being enjoyed by many. Love to visit on the 4th some time.

  7. Can some of the same thoughts as you did when it comes to my traveling near future. We’ll see where it actually ends. Thanks a lot for currently being there for folks like me.

  8. Happy 4th July!

    It is a festive occasion celebrated not only by Americans all over the world, by the residents of the countries they stay too.

  9. I love Vigeland park! Looks like you got nice weather too.

  10. Very fascinating, i wish was there. And the pics are really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love to visit Vigeland park

  12. That certainly looks like a great 4th of July celebration. Did you watch Thor in the Tour de France? He rode so well, even yesterday in the climb, and he has kept “le maillot jaune” the yellow jersey. Bravo Thor “the God of Thunder” Hushovd for 3 stage wins! I’m sure that Norway is proud of you!

  13. Wow – what a celebration, but it’s the time enjoying it outdoors!!! Lovely pics too! Congrats today on the stage win and the yellow jersey!

  14. ”a national holiday is in many ways like a family reunion” nice to read about the celebrations and see the pics.

  15. I had to stop by, and comment! We actually have a couple from Norway staying in our guest house because my husband’s family is having a reunion this weekend!! How fun to read your post. :)

  16. I love the food! I’m traveling abroad this summer (was able to get some cheap tickets!), and this checklist has everything I need!

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