RennyBA coming clean about Parkinson disease

Since many of you may be wondering where I am and what has become of me, it’s time for me to come clean and tell you a bit about my situation; I have Parkinson’s which probably most of you know as a disease for older people with shaky hands, but I am not “that” old *LoL* – and my hands seldom shake. My symptoms are somehow different; my joints can be very stiff and my movements can be very slow at time. This varies a lot with the time of day, how much sleep I have had and how long it was since my last dose of medicine – among other things. For a couple of years now I have had increasing “finger trouble”; my fingers don’t fly over the keyboard like they used to. So the last year or so every post has been a battle to get my fingers to “listen” to my brain. I know what keys I want to type, but my fingers can be quite stubborn in resisting this at times.

This battle has – combined with my own high ambitions for myself – built a sort of wall between myself and the world of Social Media – which I so much love! I put a lot of pressure on myself to write quality blog posts which others find worth reading (which involves a special RennyBA brand of perfectionism :- ) In addition, I am troubled by feelings of guilt for not following others blogs as closely and not commenting enough. I feel like I have failed myself, my friends, and the roll which I built up as a member of the Blogsphere: to write about my daily life along with the History, Traditions & Culture of Norway and the Nordic Countries:

RennyBA coming clean about Parkinson #4
Outdoor Recreation is always the best cure!

My symptoms were already a challenge in 2010. Oslo Blog Gathering was a success but in order to make it happen I was dependent on help from my wife, my friends and local expats to share the workload. After OsloBG the “air went out of my balloon” and the wall around me began building up. I hate whining and complaining about illnesses, but since my recent knee operation – which in itself was successful – my symptoms have become worse. So my neurologist has changed the medication and I am slowly improving – and at the same time accepting that I can’t do everything the same way I did it before.

RennyBA coming clean about Parkinson #1I miss being a part of the Blogsphere; exchanging information, ideas, and experiences in Social Media. I want to get back into the game again! Blogging is a givers gain as I always say and I miss how much it gave me to share my thoughts with people from all around the Blogsphere. So I am returning to the world here. I will come in and visit my friends’ blogs but I won’t be able to comment as much as I like. It doesn’t mean I am not interested in what you have to say. I may blog less often, and I may write shorter posts but I am not willing to give up the battle yet!

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  1. My Dearest Renny,
    You will always be my Mighty Viking! I think it must be very hard for you to accept your illness, I know that when I was diagnosed with my illness, I did not handle it well. I rebelled for a while, but eventually accepted what I could not change.
    Be kind with yourself, and know that your friends out here love you and your wonderful Diane very much.

  2. Renny.
    We all have missed you and love you & Diane very very much.
    You have fullfilled and gone much further with the wonderful blog you have built here, on solid foundations.

    You are Mr Social Media King and no one can take your crown and don’t feel guilty if your posts are little the most important thing is YOU!

  3. Hi Renny, you do your best and that is good enough. Keep going. Life is a narrow bridge, the important thing is not to look down but always, always ahead.

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Renny,

    thank you for being included in your great circle of blog friends.

    I’m so sorry to read about the fight with your diagnosed illness. But, Wikings are known as great fighters trough history, right? They ever was and ever will be winners and I’m wishing you good spirit in everything you’re doing from now on.

    We are all here with you – we love you too and your always interesting blog posts.

    Sunshines to you!

  5. Hi Renny….
    The challenges of illness can be daunting—I know! I hope and pray that your Parkinson’s is a slow form that will still allow you as much freedom as possible. Thanks for sharing your sitution with all of us in the Blog World. You are loved and you have been missed. Welcome Back, my dear…..And much good luck with the treatments that are available….! Sending Hugs. (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

  6. Hi Renny,

    I am wishing you the Very Very Best in the future and that you will get Better.

    Do only what you can and don’t over work yourself for us because we understand your situation and we will be truly Praying for you to have a Full Recovery from the Parkinson’s and the Knee problem.

    Your Friend Dave

  7. Hi Renny – I’m really sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been going through for so long.. one couldn’t imagine from your posts here.. they are always so interesting, enjoyable and educational.. Give your health priority for now and catch up whenever you can.. you will find us all here when you get back.. we have plenty of gems to read on your blog in the mean time :)

    Sending you and Diane much love and blessings..


  8. Hi Renny,

    I am so sorry to hear about your Parkinson. I thought it was your knee that needed more attention and kept you from the blogshpere.
    My Mother has Parkinson, and so I understand a little what you are going through, though of course, it is different for each person. You are wayyyy to young… which makes it even harder.
    Don’t be so hard on you! Try to learn to let go of perfectionism… I know it’s easier said than done, I am in the same boat ;)
    Bear hug,

  9. It’s nice to see you back blogging and I was really shocked that you have Parkinson’s on email that I had to call you at once. We are sending hugs and good thoughts to you both. I hope soon Odd and I can visit you guys.

  10. my dear friend, after the year that our family had with my daughter’s illness i can certainly understand how easy it is to build a wall around yourself…all the more when it is your own illness and it becomes physically difficult to engage in activities you enjoy. (ah yes, i remember demolishing my arm/hand a few years ago too). please know those who care about you will not hold you to as high a standard as you hold yourself so if you need to make shorter posts less frequently or not comment at our places as much we certainly understand. i am just glad you are not giving up and continue to press on.

    i also understand not wanting to be a complainer on the blog. at the same time i am so glad you are coming clean so all your friends can be an encouragement to you in challenging days. personally, i have been amazed and humbled by the genuine concern, care, and love poured out on my family and me when times have been very tough. among those who did so were you and diane. know that i wish to return the encouragement in whatever manner i am able.

    much love to you both.

  11. My dear Renny
    You missed us so much on the blogsphere! Nice you are back! I hope you will soon recover with the last medication after the problem with your knee. You are courageous and we are all with you for this battle! I read your blog since 6 years now and I discovered a marvelous place, culture and people!!!Our adventure with you and Diane will continue and I hope still lovely moments with you two!

  12. My dear friend,
    I’m very happy that you now have informered your beloved blogger friends around this small planet about your handicap.
    Several has asked me about “your absence”, you know that, and as I told you during our lunch together, I’ll tried to inform them in your spirit.
    I like your spirit and not to forget that you are my inspiration for beeing a part of bloggosphere.

    Now I hope you soon will have the treatment you want and told me about. You deserve the very best – because you have done and still do, so much for so many people around. Me included. You deserve the very best.

    I believe it has been a relief to write this post. Even though how hard it might have been. I’ve seen that.
    Big hugs

  13. Renny, I’m so glad you came clean! So many of us have challenges in life, including me. I worked as a cardiac nurse for 25 years so I know how difficult it can be when your body lets you down at times. But I hope you will continue to share as you can.

    I enjoy social media too. Coming from a Norwegian background, I enjoy learning all things Norway. You always share beautiful photos and words about your life. And that includes your illness. I will say a prayer for you and also your family. It can be hard to accept help. It’s always easier to give but there are times when receiving can be a blessing to others.

    Many blessings,

  14. Dear Renny
    Thanks for telling. This is a time when you will have to put yourself first – no time for bad conscience. All your friends around the world are behind you and will agree with me on this. Keep it up – we look forward to hearing from you – at your own pace! And if you are passing our office – don’t pass, come in for a coffee! Look forward to seeing you. Hugs Anne

  15. Hi, my dear Renny!
    Please, don’t feel guilty about nothing.
    We’ve been in touch and we know that you had a few problems with posting texts.
    Even if you could not write anymore, we would ever be in contact with you by other means, cell phone text messages or phone calls are some of them.
    Don’t be sorry if you visit friend’s Blogs and don’t coment. We all know you ARE there.
    The only thing that really matters is that you feel better and better and be smiling again soon.
    Your balloon will be refill again very soon.
    Believe me, next spring you’ll be surprised!
    Kisses and hugs!

  16. I think you are very brave now. I don’t have to say too much, you know you don’t go through any battles without me by your side. Jeg skal alltid være ved din side! Glemmer aldri!

  17. one big hug for you renny!

    it’s okay if you don’t comment much in blogs nor post. we do understand. but i can feel you. coz when i read that you had parkinsons, the first thing that came into mind is.. “oh no! he’s into internet, how will he do it with shaking hands?” nut i know you’ll do fine. you’re a strong man.

    and renny, honestly, i am thankful for you. you had been a very big influence in my blogging and cyber social life. and because of you, norway had been one of my top to-visit countries.

    God bless you.

  18. Renny – Look at all of your fans. They all know that some of what you battle can be in spirit rather than visits.

    I have known about you for some time as well but am happy to know that the world now knows. I sympathize with you on not commenting on blog posts as often as I get warn out too and seem to find other excuses instead.

    And I can’t agree with you more that people make me tick the most. I’m happy to support you and I think in some ways you can be our inspirations too.

    Hang in there! :) Lovely Vancouver Sweatshirt!
    Smiles from Victoria.

  19. Dear Renny – My mother had Parkinson’s for years. The medication for that illness improved a lot and she was hardly shaking. She got to know how much medicine she needed and would adapt the dosage and was active. Do not stress about the blog – all your friends support you and if you can only write once in a while, and a little, that is fine. Don’t worry about visiting the blogs – your health and happiness is what is important. Hugs to you and Diane

  20. Renny,

    I will be praying for you and your family. It is alright if you do not respond to every post, we understand, you come back when you are able. Godspeed for your illness.

  21. Soooo sorry to hear about your health challenges dear Renny!!!!
    – but also glad to hear that you keep going STRONG!!!
    If there is anything that I, or my network, can assist you in – please give a shout!!!!
    Best wishes and warm regards

  22. We both “assumed as much,” dear Renny, with your absence since we saw you in April. Now you know how much the Whole Wide World (www) supports you! Be at peace with yourself. Know your limitations and accept them. We will be there for you.

  23. Dear Renny! I love knowing that you are better! Of course the important thing is that you’re better health, your friends will always be here, the only thing important is that you’re better health. If you can not write so often, no matter, what matters is your optimism and you know that before you were a wonderful blog to read, now you’re a friend to love.
    I am happy you did with your email on Sunday, knowing that you are better makes me happy.
    You are an example of a person. When “you did” the OsloBg was not only a reunion of people who have a blog, was to see that a person can create a bond of friendship and affection and I think we all feel a great affection and admiration for you and Diane.
    Renny I’ll always be here!
    Always happy to hear from you and Diane!
    Hugs and kisses Renny

    Maribel Sánchez

  24. Dear Renny, I know it must be very tough for you to change the way of life you loved so much. As a believer and promoter of Chinese Yin Yang philosophy, I truely believe that the best we can do is to “Ride the waves” and not “Fight against the waves”. Accept is not passivity, and doesn’t mean giving up. I don’t believe struggling with diseases – I thnik it’ll only get things worse. Be friend with yourself – that’s the wisest thing you can do both for yourself and people who truely care about you. Maybe that’s the message this disease is sending you. You friend, Cong

  25. Renny, as always you are an inspiration, and an amazing human being. It takes a great man to come out and talk about an illness usually regarded with so much prejudice. In times like this you learn who your true friends are – and as it looks out, you have so many. We are far, many of us, yes, but our prayers are strong. We love you, Renny. Thank you for coming back, Renny, when you could take more time off to see the world. And don’t worry about typing much. Your photography speaks as well. :) From Germany, all the love in the world, from Mig, Phil and Paul-Jules Butler.

  26. So sorry to read this but glad that your fighting spirit is strong. It’s wonderful that you have kept us entertained for so long despite your illness. I for one would never have known you were struggling.
    Look after yourself and know that all your blog friends are thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Love and best wishes to you and your family

  27. Dear Renny
    When you told about your disease a while back you looked so much like your old self that I didn’t really understand the struggle it causes. It is not easy to give advice to others in a situation like this so I’ll just send you all my best wishes and try to pass some positive energy through the cloud. And one thing we all know – feeling guilty does not do any of us any good.

  28. Renny,

    Please don’t ever feel guilty! We love keeping up with your blog and reading all the fascinating pieces you craft so lovingly. I think all of us are willing to wait for the next installment. I wish you luck with your treatments in controlling your illness. You’re in my thoughts, and wishing you wellness,


  29. Dear Renny, after reading your post, I can only say, don’t be so hard on yourself, do what you can.
    I know to live with limitations is not fun, it is hard on the soul.
    Do what you are able of doing, if that means that you only can do small things, try to be happy with what is within reach.
    Please take care, say HI to Diane.

  30. We already knew this, but it doesn’t make it less sad of course. And we do understand. Don’t feel guilt for being away from blogging.

    Real friends don’t forget so easy!

    I was thinking now though: isn’t there any tools to use to help with the writing…?

    Have you tested Windows 7 speech recognition?

    …or any other software to change talk to text, like:

    I think Google chrome in coming version is on the way with a speech to write-function in the translate page too. Didn’t find it right now.

    Or maybe you should consider video blogging more instead? That way you could talk instead of writing?

    Just some thoughts, dear friend! Would love to see you more active again :-)))

    Hugs to you both!

  31. Me wanna catch the next flight out to Oslo and give you a big big hug {{HUGS}} :)

    Thank you for sharing this with us and you know how you have been missed and loved. You are such a fighter and by reading your post, you have inspired all of us Renny.

    Don’t feel bad about not visiting us as we know you have always been a part of us here in blogsphere :)

    Take care my dear friend :)

  32. Dearest Renny,
    I am very sorry to learn that your physical challenges have become move severe this past year, and even more sorry that they’re causing you to miss doing some of the things you enjoy most. This must be very difficult for you. But if anyone can handle this situation, it is you, Renny! I wonder if this could become a new direction for your blog and your passion for social media, as there must be many, many people who face similar obstacles. What kinds of technologies are out there that can help people express themselves through social media without the normal use of a keyboard? I would love to see you explore this sort of thing in your public forum, if it’s something you’d like to do.

    You have so many people who like, respect, and love you, Renny. You are a lucky man! You and Diane are in my thoughts. xxoo

  33. Terribly sorry to hear concerning your health.Please take care of yourself friend!Get well! Health would be high on anyone’s priorities.Everything else can wait.

    ((Big hugss)) from Germany.

  34. Hey Renny, I am truly sorry to hear of your situation and am saddened by the news. I met Tor at Gardermoen before the summer and he did mention things were serious when I asked of your whereabouts. You are fortunate in that you are better equipped to deal with the hand you have been dealt better than most… and you are one of the most globally loved individuals I have had the privilege of meeting. As always, let me know if I can help on the new leg of your journey, I would be delighted. Lx

  35. Hi Renny!

    I am so sorry to hear about your condition. Please be assured that you will be included in my prayers and special petition.

    It’s okay if you cannot visit nor comment in my blog, just be safe, healthy and most of all, happy.

    Do what you feel is right to do, enjoy life like it is and find joy in the simple pleasure of knowing that you are alive and still capable.

    God Bless Renny and Diane. I will pray for both of you and will always be hear if you need a listening ear…

    Keep the spirit my friend!

    Ria C

  36. Hi Renny,

    Please do not feel guilty for not commenting on my blog (I can only speak on my behalf) cause I like to believe that our paths crossed for a reason and that our relationship goes beyond the blogosphere. You have not failed me at all; au contraire, you have succeeded in sharing your nobility with me and I feel enriched by it: thank you *bowing*!

    Renny, my fabulous friend, thank you so so much for your existence. You are strong and determined – these are admirable qualities. I have faith in you, I believe in you and you will beat this! :D

    You got guts and welcome back, mate!

    Please, say hello to the bliss of your life: Diane.


  37. Dear Renny, I’m so sorry to hear of your illness but it answers all those questions re. why there was no new blog. I had a stroke some five years ago and the best guidance my neurologist gave me was “listen to your body” and I do and it never lets me down. If I feel good I go for it, if I feel tired I rest – I have no feelings of guilt because my body knows best.
    Take care of yourself and listen to your body.
    My thoughts are with you both,

  38. Hi Renny,
    Thanks for your note. I won’t say I can imagine the pain of Parkinson’s because I cannot.

    What I can understand is living with a heartbreaking challenge, putting one foot in front of another when you can barely find the strength to stay positive.

    I understand the feeling of despair–and sense of injustice.

    For me–the only thing that has gotten me through the last 17 years–is the ability to laugh at myself, my situation, prayer, love and the belief in the power of karma.

    For you my friend–I pray. Hugs, Ev

  39. Hi Mr. Renny, I’m so sorry to hear this very bad news about you. I know that I dont alway leave a comment here and I’m not blogging so often but once in a while I do take a peek of your blog. This one makes me sympathetic. I hope you keep going with your life. My dad has been diagnose with a prostate cancer and I keep telling him to keep going and wait for me till I can go back home in the Philippines. Be safe always!

  40. hi renny! i would just like to greet you a happy happy birthday. thank you for being a great blogsy friend all these years. i pray for God’s healing and protection for you. God bless :)

  41. I’m so sorry Renny. I know how involved you were with blogging and social media and I just thought you quit blogging. So many do just that.

    You are Diane are always in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs from cold California. :)

  42. No need to apologize at all. I always enjoy your posts, as an expat I find your work enormously helpful to me in understanding and appreciating your wonderful country. That you make the effort at all is a tribute to your character. You are in my prayers.

  43. Sad to hear about your Parkinson – on the other hand, it’s good to see you coping very well with it and coming back to Blogg-land.

    As you know, I had my own bout with serious disease some years ago, and I found that blogging was a very nice way to divert the attention. But of course – you know that already, too :-)

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