Dona Nobis Pacem is a Blog Blast 4 Peace

RennyBA's Dona Nobis Pacem 2011BlogBlast4Peace has become a Social Media demonstration of how Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. are empowering people. It goes well with my saying: “Make Blogs, not Wars!” by making friends throughout the world and learning about their daily life, while breaking down cultural, religious and other barriers. The best thing is that these forms of communication, direct and uncensored, empower people. I mean, “Freedom of the press” is still important, but we more and more seem to trust personal recommendations rather than official or commercial statements. The effectiveness of “word of mouth” recommendations has increased dramatically through Social Media. It’s the viral network where people are sharing information, collaborating on topics of interest, and networking on the internet in ways not previously imaginable. This goes well with another of my saying: “Blogging Connecting People” and again: breaking down barriers and making the world smaller. That’s why I, for the 5th year in a row, participate and support the BlogBlast4Peace movement – this year with the Peace Globe badge above.

Dona Nobis Pacem = Grant Us Peace
Mimi Lenox started this movement in 2006 and it has grown to a core of thousands of distinct and remarkable individuals called “peace bloggers” – writing, drawing and painting beautiful words and images. We may differ in philosophy, religion and politics, but always find our way to peaceably debate. In a multicultural way, we share the theme in John Lennon’s “Imagine”: ……all the people, living for today…… You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!
Go visit Mimi’s Bloggingham Palace and find out how to join us for the sake of peace – the more people, the more empowerment you know!

This calls for a celebration:
I have never experienced anything as effective in connecting people across the world as blogging. Through writing RennyBA’s Terella for almost 6 years, I have met many amazing people and I myself am more aware of happenings across the world today because of the friends I have made in the blogsphere ……… and I am old enough to know when something is revolutionizing the globe – I am 59 years old today. Blogging for Peace; what a good way to celebrate!

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  1. i think it’s wonderful that the blog blast for peace falls on your birthday because it so perfectly fits the message of your blog and how people can connect and learn from each other. if we take the time to learn and understand we build bridges of friendship rather than burning bridges and making enemies.

    happy birthday, my friend! so glad to have met you and diane through this blogosphere :)

  2. Hello, Rennie. All along the afternoon I had the intention of sending you a message for your birthday. Excuse me, I haven’t been able to do it in time – I mean yesterday!…
    I do it now, my friend: I wish you the best you can get from life (and I’m aware of your health problems), I wish that for a long time yet you’ll keep on as a lucid dreamer, a gentle and brave 59 years old Viking and much more, still connecting people… in peace, of course, not with helmets, shields and swords like in ancient times!…
    I wish you have had a pleasant day and night (besides blogging) in the company of our dear Diane. And I wish us all the strength to face all those battles in front of us, all kinds of battles. It’s easier when we are not alone; and you are not alone, Norwegian captain!
    May you find peace in dark moments, energy in trouble and will because you deserve it. And I hope we deserve your dedication, those of us who are lucky enough to know you. We’ll meet again!
    Finally, I know that Helena sent you (as a sort of “gift”) the link to our image on Blog Blast for Peace. It was a good idea. Congratulations to you!

  3. First of all, Renny, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Next year will be a big milestone…though I guess we can say every year these days is one!

    Secondly, I LOVE that you blog for peace and not war. I already know what will be on your tombstone one day…and that says more than anything. You are definitely the Blogger’s Ambassador!

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