Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #2Restaurant Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo reflects a French wine term: Traditionally translated as “growth” it’s often used to indicate a specifically named and legally defined vineyard or ensemble of vineyards and the vines “which grow on a reputed territory; by extension of good quality”. Growth, quality and wine for that matter, gives a perfect frame for the reason of the visit:
As an active member of The Norwegian Computer Society, I am involved in several workshops, for example “IT Strategy and Management”. At the end of each season of intense teamwork to provide our members with a variety of cutting edge sciences, we believe that we deserve a social gathering. What’s better than a culinary feast and trying a new restaurant in Oslo? You’re welcome to join us while I tell you about this place and our 7 course gourmet feast:
Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #4 Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #3
Let’s start with the wine; Cru is a place where the waiter carefully describes the wine and the food before serving.
Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #7The guests swirl the wine in the glass, as in wine tasting, and you smell the bouquet of the wine before drinking it. However, With Kari Innerå, Nordic Chef of the Year 2007, in the kitchen, there is all reason to have great expectations for the food too. The griffin menu shows the way: three appetizers (12 € each), two main dishes (28 €), cheese and dessert for around 10 €. One can eat quite reasonable, but if the occasion calls for something special, it is possible to put together menus of three, five or seven dishes. We went all the way on the gourmet adventures road – here is our seven dish feast along with our waiter’s wine recommendation for each of them:

Left: Caviar of Lavaret, blintz, sour cream, dill & radish – Wine: Sancerre Domaine de la Rossignol 2010
Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #8 Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #9
Right: Artichoke, caramelized puree, glazed macadamia, soup & artichoke chips & black truffle – Wine: Alto Adige – Südtirol Manincor “Réserve della Contessa” 2009

Left: Skin fried cod, open lasagna with fennel & ricotta, seafood sauce, crab croquet, avocado cream & peas
Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #10 Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #1
Right: Red wine braised beef shoulder, homemade sausage, Confit of plum, spicy broth, potato gnocchi & pumpkin – Wine: Côtes du Marmandais, Domaine Elian da Ros – Le Vin est une Fête 2008

Moose from Gudbrandsdalen, celery puree, Brussels sprouts & cranberry vinaigrette
Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #11
Wine: Rossignol Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2008

Left: Cheese soufflés – Wine: Mosel. Jos. Christoffel Jr. Wehlener Sonnenuhr ** 1994
Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #12 Gourmet feast at Cru Wine & Kitchen in Oslo #13
Right: Carrot cake Cru – Philadelphia cream, salt caramel ice cream, oatmeal crumble with cinnamon & carrot jelly.

Is there a better way of enjoying good colleagues company and discussing the future of the Computer Society and our work group’s activities for the coming season? We fully agreed we are the best work group team with eagerness and enthusiasm to start a new and successful season – and of course looking forward to the next culinary feast in mid June.


  1. You know I miss you all and wanted to have this wonderful meal with you.
    Thanks for sharing this blast of a Dinner Evening.

    As you know, at that time we had Dinner at a BBQ-restaurant in Texas Hill Country (Marbel Falls),
    best in the County, voted by locals—-

  2. Oh now that looks like a great feast and a wonderful treat! Yummy. I certainly haven’t had a meal like that in ages.

  3. Hello Renny ! Nice to see you in this pictures. Look delicius ! Mmmmhhh
    A big hug my friend


  4. It seems you had a great time at Restaurant Cru Wine & Kitchen. Even the pictures are quite nice. Looking at them I feel like doorling at my keyboard.

  5. Renny that sounds like a true gourmet delight! The dishes look lovely and the wines are perfect accompaniment. It reminded me of my mother – she belonged to a retirement group in Paris that went on outings, like the Loire Valley castles. What was funny to me is that the schedule would show “Chateaux de la Loire” but it would show the restaurant where they would eat and give a long and detailed menu with the names and years of the wines with each dish – that was the important part! Also, if you come to my blog you will see a picture of yourself in my post Meeting with Bloggers.

  6. Hello Renny, first i would like to add that i am a big fan of your writing. And this blog is quite interesting to read, as i myself ia big fan of wines.

  7. As Astrid always says, we only live once. Might as well go for broke! :)

  8. Hello Renny! I hope to have a meal with you should I travel to Oslo one day. It’s good to see you again.

  9. would love to dine here one day..when i treavel to oslo..the foods looks yummy..beautifully served too!

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