Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #9Swan Lake worked its magic on a fall color photo hunt on the Oslo Fjord. At our favourite beach the history of Tchaikovsky’s symphony steeped in myth as the story itself when a herd of swans showed up on shore. The ballet’s scenario was fashioned from Russian folk tales and tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. The ballet was premièred by the Bolshoi Ballet in 1877 at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, billed as The Lake of the Swans. This is the scenery we got when approaching the beach on a Saturday a few weeks ago when we wanted some outdoor recreation adventures:
Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #8

I don’t think I’ve seen so many swans at once before and of course I was happy I had my Nokia N8 at hand, to start shooting photos – I mean the hunting was done and it was just to click and click and click ….. I believe I took more than 50 pics and at least some came out well. I think they are a bit fuzzy though – maybe because the white swans are in contrast with the water.
This beautiful scenery attracted others too of course and sometimes it was more interesting to see others watching and feeding then the swans themselves. People all ages were fascinated, but the youngest was the cutest I think : -)
Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #5 Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #3

My Nokia mobile phone can make panoramic photos too you know. This might explain to some extent at least, why I associated the scenery with Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” – or what do you think:
Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #2

The Golden Beauty of Fall:
I told you this happened when my wife and I was out photo hunting. To me, nothing is more recreational than hiking in nature – besides; I need this kind of exercise stimulus to keep my Parkinsonism under control too. Adding to that; I love being outdoors in all four seasons and fall is the most colourful – don’t you think? – That’s why I call it “The golden beauty of fall”:
Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #1 Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #15

Outdoor Recreation:
My wife and I had what I often call a magic moment this wonderful Saturday. Being out in the nature, seeing how it changes through the seasons. Noticing the scenery, the smell and the beautiful colors is what I call recreational! And my regular readers know that I also have a wonderful wife to share those magic moment with and she makes them even more enjoyable and magic with her special treat; always something good in the backpack – I just love those sandwiches & the coffee, and it tasted heavenly eating outdoors like this:
Swan Lake in fall color on Oslo Fjord beach #13

If you want to charge your batteries, and like me, to keep my Parkinson’s in check; there is nothing more inspiring and recreational then the nature which is all around us. November is more than half over now and our darkest period is upon us – hope you have enjoyed the fall as much as we have!


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful colors and inviting coffee and snacks:)
    I am glad you have Parkinson’s at bay and do some exercise, nothing better than being in touch with nature.
    I always think of you, I always command the best of my energies!
    A big kiss my friend !


  2. We should all spend more time in nature instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer, sigh. You are lucky to have a great mate to share your special moments with.

  3. Swans are such majestic birds and, on that pond, make a wonderful picture. Good on you for eating outdoors in November – it’s a bit too cold for my aging body to do that sort of activity. I’ll wait until summer comes around:-) Glad to hear you’re keeping the Parkinson’s at bay – coming to terms with a problem is half the battle.

  4. Wow, simply awesome. I am sure you had a great time at the lake, and the pics are just fantastic.

  5. Wow, simply awesome. I am sure you had a great time at the lake

  6. It’s very nice to see the usual pretty pics you post here Renny. I hope you are feeling better today to enjoy all of God’s wonderful creation. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and Diane!


    Ria C

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Renny & Diane and what a beautiful photo sharing. I could just imagine myself walking along the lake and enjoying the lovely scenery.

    Wishing you well Renny :D

  8. looks like a lovely time, and very pleasant

  9. I’ve never seen so many swans either. Beautiful pictures. So glad you have found a way to work through the Parkinson’s. Great attitude.

  10. What a lovely group of swans (whatever that word should be!)! I would be so happy to find that scene, too! Your fall colors are awesome!

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