White Gold of Snow by Sunset in Norway #5Writing a blog about Norway and our significant four seasons, it’s time to report about winter weather – at least a good taste of it: You see, this year’s first snow in Oslo came last week. It started late in the evening, so we were all warned for the next day, and in the morning we had the most wonderful White Christmas Post Card views out of our windows.
So finally snow and the Winter Wonder Land are back on track. Some might find it a bit cold, but to me it’s a sign of clean nature and freshness. It also brightens the otherwise dark mornings and evenings – especially on a clear full moon it fills the atmosphere with light. Of course white snowflakes create the Christmas spirit in this pre-Christmas period as well. So before I go on and tell about the strange weather we’ve had this fall, let me share some photos I shot with my Nokia N8 by sunset last week:
Oslo Beach Huk in Fall Colour #2
The neighbourhood cowered in a blanket of new snow
White Gold of Snow by Sunset in Norway #6 White Gold of Snow by Sunset in Norway #3

This year’s November earned a place in history books: Never before have temperatures been so high in the month leading up to Christmas – the warmest we have experienced since temperatures started being measured in the 1860. November last year was the coldest in living memory and the temperatures in Oslo were setting records at the other end of the scale, down to -24°C.
That’s a sharp contrast from November this year, to say the least: For the country as a whole, highest temperature was measured +10°C (49°F) which gives the average temperature 4.5°C above normal. So we are all glad that winter finally arrived and just in time for Christmas too!

Now, let’s go back to the scenery I tried to capture after this year’s first snow fall:
White Gold of Snow by Sunset in Norway #4 White Gold of Snow by Sunset in Norway #7
My fascination for snow of course goes back to my childhood: I remember it took some time to dress for the winter season, but then again the strong winter weather never stopped us from having fun. Snow was something we looked forward to: instead of closing our schools, we went to school on skis and the recess in the school yard was never more fun than at that time of the year.

Let me end this White Gold of Snow post with the last photo I shot – by sunset, around 2:30PM. We are into the darkest part of the year and in Oslo the duration of daylight is less than 6 hours. We are soon at Winter Solstice you know (the 21st of December) and in this pic you might get an idea of how the snow brightens up the atmosphere – at sunset:
White Gold of Snow by Sunset in Norway #1

As many of my Facebook followers and friends already know, I am currently at a rehabilitation center for Parkinson’s which is just outside of Lillehammer. Many of you may remember Norway’s winter Olympics in Lillehammer 1994 – so I assure you the magic of winter has touched us here too. My training includes outdoor exercise in the beautiful mountains surrounding the center, so I hope I will capture some more winter magic for my readers in the next days. Even when I am away taking care of my health, I always have my Nokia N8 handy you know – so stay tuned : -)


  1. Glad to see you and the magic Nokia are still at work capturing the beauty of life and Norway! I also enjoy winter most because it feels so refreshing and less “germy” than the heat of the summer. Please be well my friend and take good care of you!

  2. Soooo beautiful! I wish we had a white Yule… I’ve always been a winter person; I can handle coldness much better than heat! Happy Holidays!

  3. Hello Renny! The photos are beautiful. I love the cold, snow and of course as you know Norway. I like Norway with snow and without snow, rain with sunshine …
    I’m glad you’re in the rehabilitation center and you’re better, I guess these things are going slowly. Always a pleasure reading your blog, so Norwegian!
    I hope you’re better slowly. I wish you and Diana the best for this Christmas. You are always in my thoughts!
    A big hug from your Spanish friend with a piece of Norwegian heart!

    Maria Isabel

  4. Having snow at night is by far the biggest upside to the winter months. I guess that’s just meant to be, right! I’m so happy to see all of your photos of winter and snow… I’m just happy because each day will be longer from now on…

    Wonderful pics and my wishes to you as you are out exercising and rehabing.

  5. Winter Wonder Land.
    Yes, that what this is…

    have a great X-mas

    T and A

  6. Thank you again my friend, for sharing more of your beautiful Norway with the world! I hope, and expect, your stay with the rehab center to be very helpful for you, and I look forward as always to your next posts. Merry Christmas from Tennessee (we are home for the holidays).

  7. Dear Renny and Diana,

    May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year.
    Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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