Easter Bunny Egg Hunt live on NRK TV

Easter Bunny Egg Hunt live on NRK TV #3Our family tradition, the outdoors Easter Egg Hunt in Norway, is becoming popular and this week I was invited by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) to present the story live on TV. They have a project called “Post Card 2012 – the Song about Norway”, and invite all to send a photo and the story behind it. These are to inspire famous Norwegian song writers to make a song based on the photo theme.
It was quite a surprise when NRK’s project manager Elisabeth Strand Mølster, called and asked if I could participate live on TV to present my contribution. They wanted a good example of what they were looking for when doing a promo of the project on their Wednesday evening talk show. Flattered and pretty excited, I said yes, since it was a great opportunity to have this tradition of our family captured in a song! My contributed photo was of course this one:
Easter Bunny Egg Hunt live on NRK TV #1

The Easter Bunny Egg Hunt:
My story following the photo I uploaded on their web site, translated from Norwegian, goes like this:
We have done this since I was a little boy: Easter Sunday, in the woods, whatever the weather! It has never been out of duty but out of pure, childlike joy and expectations because we knew that the Easter hare had been there – and laid its eggs. It is a well-kept family secret how it happens and as true and sure as Santa comes on Christmas Eve.
When we had gone some distance into the woods, my father went a bit ahead of us to find a nice place to picnic and lit a bonfire – we were going to cook sausages on a stick. So we ran for the smell of fire and my dad told that he had heard the hare fumbling in the woods and we saw traces of it too! This was a magical moment, like a fairy tale, when we all could run around in the woods and find our egg. I always recognize mine since I’ve had it for at least 50 years!

RennyBA’s Terella live on TV:
RennyBA live on TV2This is actually not the first time I’ve been live on TV, due to being active in Social Media. Four years ago my blog was ranked 3 at The Weblog Award as European Best Blog. It started with a paragraph in the largest online newspaper and continued with an interview on the radio, before I was invited to TV2’s live program “Good Morning Norway”. The photo above is from a sequence in that program and you may read all about the Award and the press activity at that time in my blog post: Third place on Weblog Awards.
It was fun then, and it was fun last week too, to do what I like best: sharing about Norway, our history, culture and traditions – illustrated by what happens in my daily life. Last time I did not record the TV show, but have learned and did it this time: Combined with some photos and detail information, I’ve made a video of my participation live at NRK TV – turn up your speakers, sit back, click and enjoy:

Hope you enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame. Maybe someday you will hear a song about our Easter Bunny Egg Hunt? I’ll keep you posted of course!