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Feel More at Home on Our Amazing Norway #1A magazine providing expats with everything they need to know about living in Norway and making it a true home. This publication includes extensive information about the country’s most interesting cities, Norwegian news, local cuisine, health and happiness, socializing and making Norwegian friends, a beautiful photographic tour, adjusting to a new way of life, a cultural overview, and a multitude of local business, restaurant and service listings.
Blogging about Norway, our culture, history, and traditions, I’ve met a lot of Expats in the Blogsphere and in recent years in real life. A lot of questions have been asked through comments in my posts, in mail or in person and I have tried the best to give a relevant answer. As a local, it’s often difficult to explain what is obvious or what is difficult to understand, when you are born into your homeland. So when I got this magazine from a blog friend, Kristie at Culture Shock, I just had to share it with you! The premier issue is really an interesting read, whether you are a local, an expat or just simply want to know more about Norway and how it is to live here. Let me give you some examples:

Facts and figures:
In total, the immigrants and their Norwegian-born children constitute more than 550 000 persons, or more than 11 % of the whole population at the beginning of 2010 plus an estimated 69,000 working immigrants that are staying for less than six months. Statistics Norway’s projection of immigrants shows that the number of immigrants is expected to increase sharply in the coming years, from 550 000 today to between 1 and 1.8 million in 2060.
Feel More at Home on Our Amazing Norway #3
Some may wonder what actually an Expat is. You’ll find an answer on even that in this magazine: “One who have taken up residency in a foreign country” or “Residing in a foreign country – expatriated”

Interesting read in the premier issue:
Feel More at Home on Our Amazing Norway #2Here are some example of subjects:
* The Kingdom of Norway: About the Royal House of Norway, facts and figures and nice to know in a nutshell.
* Norway at a glance: A small peek at some of the most interesting cities.
* 5 Norwegian foods You Must Try!
* You’re hired! Everything you need to know about getting a job in Norway
* Where to meet locals?
* Education – the gateway to your dreams
* and plenty of more interesting stuff as well as wonderful photos!

Get it for free:
People who are new in Norway, are looking to immigrate to Norway, and especially those who already live in Norway can request a free copy of the premier issue of Our Amazing Norway by visiting www.OurAmazingNorway.com. IOS apps for the iPad and iPhone are also available in App Store!