Taste of Florence in Italy to a Family from Norway

A taste of Florence #1Nestled in the valley of the Arno River, Florence “The Cradle of Renaissance” is squeezed between the hills that made it famous. Its center is full of works of art and buildings of great historical and architectural value, covering a period of time ranging from the early Middle Ages to the late twentieth century and the surrounding area is no different. The beauty of the landscape is characterized by villas, churches, monasteries and picturesque small towns and of course the food! There’s something about the fact that you can picture many of their dishes being cooked in medieval-style terracotta pots; indeed, many still are.

Part of the Tuscany region, it’s cuisine is appreciated around the world for its fine natural and flavorful ingredients; a typical expression of the Mediterranean diet, considered among others, the most wholesome and tasty, olive oil, pasta, fish and first choice meats. With these few basic ingredients the Tuscan local chefs can create exceptional dishes. Among the most important produce is white truffles, a much appreciated variety. Other ingredients such as wild asparagus and herbs also contribute to the rediscovery of simple flavorful dishes (pappa al pancotto, ribollita, hearty vegetable soups), where olive oil is the star ingredient, strictly bought from the local olive press.

A taste of Florence #9While on a family trip to Italy last week we all fell in love with its history, landscapes, art and architecture, but as important part of the culture, we also wanted to explore its FOOD! I mean even those who have never been there know Italian food in some shape, taste and form – who has never eaten pizza or spaghetti? However we had an idea of that the easygoing Italian way of life most visitors find so alluring and desirable – La Dolce Vita – is indisputably linked to the Italians’ instinctive knowledge of how to eat and drink well.

A taste of Florence:
A challenge however, was that we had only one day to spend in Florence and how do you get it all in? The answer is “A taste of Florence“: a five hours tour that created a lifetime of memories, complete with hands on cooking, tasting, sipping, and sightseeing! With our host Cristina Cappulletti, we really learned that Tuscany and Florence drinks and food is by all means historical. Cristina, a local, experienced and knowledgeable guide enthusiastically gave life to all the stories there was to tell about how Tuscan cuisine reflects the age of the region and city’s traditions. It’s almost impossible express all we experienced and learned in a post, but since pictures tells more than a thousand word, I will try to cover the most – or give you A Taste – by presenting a few from my photo hunt during the trip:
A taste of Florence #2 A taste of Florence #3
Starting with a delicacy, we had a taste of e.g. Bollito di Manzo (Boiled Beef Biscket) with salsa verde and salsa picante – delicious!

Bakeries and Café:
A taste of Florence #5 A taste of Florence #7
An introduction to the art of Italian Coffee while tasting Sfogliatella, Budine di Riso and Sfoglia

At the Market:
A taste of Florence #8 A taste of Florence #14
A journey in fresh Tuscan servings: Balsamics: Condiments & Traditional Certified – Tuscany Olive Oil – Crostini Toppings – Cheeses: Pecorino & Parm Reggiano – Salumi: Prosciutto & Finocchiona.
A taste of Florence #9 A taste of Florence #11

At the Enoteca – wine cellar:
A taste of Florence #18 A taste of Florence #20
The very best taste of Tuscan winery : -)
A taste of Florence #21 A taste of Florence #22

At the Gelateria or Cioccolateria:
A taste of Florence #23
We wanted to explore the food delights of Tuscany and Cristina from A Taste of Florence literary gave us it all! We had the cheeses, olive oils, and salamis right where they are made! She gave a wonderful lecture and taste of the origins of Tuscan and Italian wines and we really enjoyed a hands-on cooking class, and lunch with wine tasting in the best of wine cellars. I have never been as sure in my recommendation: Next time you visit Florence – whether the first time or a return visit – don’t miss this adventurous guided tour. Go visit their web site and start planning right now!

This is the second post from the big family trip we had last week; my wife (DianeCA) and I, our children + SO and even my grandchild met up with Diane’s brothers and spouse from the USA. 14 people in all gathering in Pisa at the Park Hotel California, and having the time of our lives enjoying each other’s company, getting better acquainted and exploring this wonderful part of Italy. From my first post: Family from Norway touring Tuscany in Italy, you’ll get an introduction and then you will know that I’ll do more posts from this trip, so stay tuned!