Nordic Golf in the Golden Autumn Beauty

We are still enjoying the golden beauty of fall in the Nordic countries. Nothing can make a more colourful painting than the nature itself and running a blog about the significant four seasons, I just have to share another nature adventure with you. It happened last weekend in Sweden where […]

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Colourful autumn adventure in Oslo suburbs

I had another quality time with my wife on Sunday and of course I’ll share it with you. Quality in the sense of a nice, long and peaceful walk in our neighbourhood. It was a wonderful morning; partly cloudy, about 12C (54F) with crisp, fresh air. I brought my Nikon […]

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Hunting the Nordic golden beauty of Fall

Oppppsss, its fall already and hosting a blog about the significant four seasons in Norway and the Nordic countries it’s about time to mark the change in the weather and nature. We’re passed equinox already: this year it was the 22 of September where the Sun passing over the Earth’s […]

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