From frozen ice to hot bikinis

We’ve had gorgeous weather in Scandinavia this week and we sure do know how to appreciate it! My regular readers have seen how the Nordic countries have changed from dark and cold in November last year and today I’m going to take you to the hot sandy beach of summer. […]

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"Gone Golfing"

This post will be about the impact of the significant four seasons in the Nordic countries. The reason for my fascination is the change and the fact that things are more precious if you don’t have them all the time. Don’t you think life would be boring if all day’s […]

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Summer Solstice in Norway

Since this blog, my Terella, is about Norway and its significant four seasons, what is more natural than mentioning the Summer Solstice? The night before the 21st of June is the shortest as the sun rises at 3:49AM and sets at 10:46PM. A dramatic difference from the 21st of December […]

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