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Heavenly good wine

I had another quality time with my wife last night and I’ll love to share it with you. It was The Norwegian Association of Masters of Science in Business who invited us to wine tasting and the surroundings were perfect. Maybe I should explain that I am not a very religious type of person – […]

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The Nobel Peace Prize Recidence

On my way from the buss to work this morning, I passed the Grand Hotel at Oslo’s main street, Karl Johan. It’s close to the parliament, the old university and the Kings Castle, so it gives you a majestic atmosphere. At this hotel, the Nobel Peace Price winner of the year take residence in the […]

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The Return of the Sun

I had another quality time with my wife yesterday as we where at a meeting in the morning. After the meeting, leaving the parking lot, we both saw this wonderful view – the sun rising on the horizon, so nice and brightly. I soon had my mobile phone camera ready of course and capture this […]

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Celebrating the Winter Solstice

“Things have to get worse before they can get better.” Those of us in northern climes who enjoy seeing plants growing outside understand the wisdom behind this observation, when autumn draws to a close and the winter solstice approaches. On the one hand, with each passing day of autumn we are robbed of more and […]

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Office Christmas Party Season

An important ingredient for Christmas anticipation is all the parties going on with co-workers, friends and other acquaintances. Tonight I was out with members of the IT strategic work group in the Norwegian Computer Society. After a whole year of intense work to provide our member a variety of rocket science or cutting edge subjects, […]

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