Welcome to Oslo, Norway!

Welcome to Oslo, Norway!

Hello and welcome to Oslo, Norway! Some have been here before, others will be visiting for the first time; This site might help to make it an experience of a life time!
You’ll find tips & hints to help when planning for your stay – planning is half the fun you know – and you may use this page as a reference to share when you return home too:

Oslo Sightseeing tips:
Oslo New Opera HouseOslo New Opera House: The construction – designed by the acknowledged Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta (If you want to have a look at some of their famous project around the world, click here) – is the largest single cultural-political initiative in contemporary Norway. It took five years to build and the result is an extraordinary building that rises directly from beneath the fjord. Founded by the government, the idea was to bring opera and ballet to the people and it’s the only opera house where you can walk on the roof! It’s only 5 min. walk from Grand Hotel so don’t miss it!

Vigeland Sculpture ParkVigeland Sculpture Park: The Vigeland Sculpture Park is the most striking part of Oslo’s Frogner Park. Gustav Vigeland’s (1869-1943), 212 sculptures attracts over 1 million visitors a year – even more: Vigeland also designed the layout of the entire park. It’s a popular recreational area with a human message presented through the many sculptures depicting the life cycle, and is a must see when you visit Oslo.

Thr Viking Ship MuseumMuseums at Bygdøy island: Just over the fjord is a peninsula called Bygdøy. In 20 min. you can get there by bus (number 30) or by ferry departing from the harbour by the City Hall. At Bygdøy, within walking distance, you’ll find:
The Kon-Tiki Museum showing the legendary expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl; the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History; the Viking Ship Museum; the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the ship Fram, used by Roald Amundsen on his polar expeditions. Bygdøy is one of Norway’s oldest cultural landscapes with a rich history.

Holmenkollen Ski JumpHolmenkollen Ski Jump: Just 20 min. by the tube, you are into the forest and up in the mountains with a breath taking view in the most recreational aria of Oslo.
The Holmenkollen Ski Jump is a famous Oslo attraction you should not miss. It’s the home of our national ski museum and was e.g. site of the 2011 Nordic Worlds Ski Championship.

RennyBA’s Oslo Sightseeing Map:
Click the blue marks to find more info about some of Oslo’s attractions – or click text: “RennyBA’s Terella Oslo Guide” (down left) to explore the map in details!

Vis RennyBA’s Terella Oslo Guide i et større kart

Updates – During the Forum meeting:
The Grand Opening:
ECDL-F Forum 2012 Oslo OpeningWelcome Address: Datakortet by CEO Bernt Nilsen & The Norwegian Computer Society (DND) by CEO Tone Dalen.

ECDL Foundation CEO Address: Damien O’Sullivan

Oslo Masonic Lodge – Gamle Logen:
Grand HotelGamle Logen was originally built as a Masonic lodge and a banquet and concert hall in 1836.The idea and initiative came from Count Wedel Jarlsberg. The inauguration in 1839 was celebrated with a ball attended by guests of honour King Carl Johan and Crown Prince Oscar. This laid the foundation for many festive events and traditions for which it later became renowned.
Gamle Logen has played a major role in the development of Norway´s cultural life. Norwegian artists of both national and international fame have performed here, such as Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen, Ole Bull, Johan Svendsen, Halfdan Kierulf, Henrik Wergeland and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. International artists of world renown, such as Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and Josephine Baker, to mention but a few, have also performed at Gamle Logen.

The dinner at Gamle Logen:
ECDL-F Forum 2012 Oslo Dinnner #1

ECDL-F Forum 2012 Oslo Dinnner #2 ECDL-F Forum 2012 Oslo Dinnner #3

Use Public Transportation!
Oslo PassN01: Take the Gardemoen Express Train from the airport (fastest = 22 min. and cheepest!). All trains stop at the Central Train Station, every other stops at the station “Nationalteateret” which is closer to the forum hotel. Then: there is a comprehensive public transport system in Oslo, consisting of buses, trams, trains, boats and metro (T-bane/Sub/Metro – 100 meters from Grand Hotel).
Easiest way to explore Oslo and surroundings, the Oslo Pass, provides free travel on all public transport and free admission to museums and sights.

Accommodations at Grand Hotel:
Grand HotelBuilt in 1874, the hotel has catered to celebrities for over a century. The stone-walled hotel with its mansard gables and copper tower has been an integral part of Oslo life since 1874. Famous guests have included Edvard Munch, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Charlie Chaplin, Henry Ford, and of course Henrik Ibsen.
It’s also the residence of the Awarded Nobel Peace Prize winner every year. Even more: It’s literally in the heart of Oslo, so by foot or public transportation, you’ll reach most all attractions in this compact city!

Weather & Climate:
Songsvann in Oslo by RennyBAThanks to the Gulf Stream bringing temperate water from the Gulf of Mexico, Oslo’s climate is milder that what its latitude would imply.
Statistics says for October: Average temperatures: 6,3 to 10,8°C // Min. temperature: -0,2°C and Max. temperature: 22,5°C
You’ll get the best weather forecast by clicking here!

Check if you need a Visa:
A visa is not required for nationals of countries with which Norway has signed a visa waiver agreement. Nationals of countries with a visa waiver may stay in Norway for up to 90 days. The countries with which Norway has a visa waiver agreement are listed here.

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